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[Results][Event & Bonus] Welcome to the world of Eastern Odyssey!

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Article Publish : 06/30/2022 20:00
Edited by jumpscared at 07/14/2022 20:17

Dear friends,

Are you a Seeker?

We are here to guide you!

The official Gtarcade forum section for Eastern Odyssey is now online.

Here, we will share regularly our progress and development, the journey of the Seekers!

To celebrate this new start, we have prepared a special welcome gift for you! 🎁

Please let us know your thoughts about this question:

Based on the following picture, what kind of game do you think Eastern Odyssey will be?

■ Time:

20:00 JUN 30 - 20:00 JUL 7, 2022 (UTC +8)

■ Results:

JUL 14, 2022

■ Participation:

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments of this post (please keep the text within 150 words or less).

You may attach explanatory pictures to your comments.

If you appreciate other people's comments, don't hesitate to Like them!

■ Prizes:

We will randomly select 10 lucky users from all comments to gift 300 GT points each.

(The project team of Eastern Odyssey reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.)

Our official Facebook page and Discord channel are also online, check them out and follow us!

We will update you with more information next week. Stay tuned! 😊

Looking forward to your comments,

[Eastern Odyssey] Project Team 


Here's the list of lucky Seekers selected:

#1 furanshisuko

#7 Darioman

#47 ojv***

#60 javorage

#73 amatrix

#105 sodden_boat

#132 matii vega

#139 anon1111

#150 -spica-

#153 bettosquire