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GUIDE - Eternal Blood (Mount) and Divine Plume Origins (Wings)

Article Publish : 04/13/2021 20:09
Edited by mod_chimera at 04/22/2021 03:40

**Note that the amounts for Blood Essence and Divine Plume Origins are the same, and you'll see the amounts in the chart below**

Eternal Blood Mount System and Divine Plume Origins Wings System

These are both new systems to gain various attributes - HP, Attack, Defense and Pierce.

  • Eternal Blood - Found in Mount (3rd tab)
  • Divine Plumes - Found in Wings
  • Blood Essence (the material required to upgrade) can be purchased from the Reputation Shop - found in Battle Lobby --> Individual Arena - max 35/week
  • Divine Plume Essence can be purchased from the Prestige Shop (Cross Server 1v1) - max 35/week

As you upgrade each orb, you'll unlock the Origin Skills and then can upgrade them at certain tiers. Pictured below are the Mount skills, but it's the same for Divine.

The chart below is the same for each - Blood Essence and Divine Plume Essences