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GUIDE - Xeno Space, Ciphers and Ancient Artifacts

Article Publish : 01/16/2022 01:28

Xeno Space, Seal-Ciphers and Ancient Artifacts

By Discord Moderators Stitch and Tiamat

Xeno Space

Found found in the Leader Lobby and consists of three instances:

  1.  Xeno Frontier
  2. Soulbind Fortress
  3. Extremis Castle

 Xeno space unlocks at level 570 (Pinnacle level 70). In addition to Xeno Space, the Seal-Cipher and Ancient Artifact systems unlock as well. (See each section below for further details)

Each Instance will also drop materials that are needed to upgrade the Seal-Cipher (Seal of ___) and Ancient Artifacts (Primordial Dust – Ice, Flame, Stone, Wood) Systems.

Xeno Frontier 

This is the first of three instances that make up Xeno Space. It is a single player event where players get 3 free daily attempts to defeat the boss and can purchase 2 more attempts at 50 gold each. 

Soultrap (Or Soulbind) Energy is dropped when the boss is defeated and this is used to unlock the second instance, Soulbind Fortress. 

Clicking on the + in the instance screen, allows you to purchase 2 additional attempts, at 50 gold each

Drops include:

Primordial Dust - Ice and Flame

Soul of Redemption

Blue and Pink Diamonds

Soulbind Fortress

This is the second instance. It is also a single player instance, but attempts must be unlocked. 

 The Soultrap (Soulbind) Energy collected from the previous instance, Xeno Frontier, unlocks this instance.

  • 1 Challenge Requires 6 Soultrap Energy
  • Players may collect up to 12 Soultrap Energies at any time; for a total of 2-4 attempts per day. 

Defeated bosses in this instance will drop Extremis Chunks. Ten chunks are needed to unlock the portal to the Extremis Castle (Instance #3).

Extremis Castle

This is the third instance in Xeno Space. Unlike the first two instances, this is a contest event, meaning that it is a public event that is open to each player on a server. It is first come, first serve. 

 Once the boss has been killed, players must wait for the boss to refresh before they can unlock the portal with 10 Extremis Chunks. The boss refreshes twice daily: 11:30 and 15:00 server time. The portal closes each Sunday at 23:59 server time. Players must collect extremis chunks again to unlock it. 

Game Rules as Shown in the Interface:

Seal-Cipher System

This system is found under the SEAL system, the same area you insert glyphs obtained from the Tower of Eternity. 

Purple Cipher - requires the Seal of Truth

 Yellow Cipher - requires the Seal of Courage

 Orange Cipher - requires the Seal of Justice

 To start, each cipher requires 2 of their respective seals. As players progress in tiers, the number of seals required to upgrade each cipher will increase.  

Each Seal provides player stats, with increasing special stats the higher the tier of the Seal. The Seals max out at Level 230. 

Secondary Ciphers - Outer Ring

Ancient Artifact

This system can be found in the bottom right-hand menu towards the very top. 

Once opened, the interface looks like below:

Players can upgrade 3 main types of fruit:

Each main fruit has 4 sub-fruits that require to be upgraded which will in turn upgrade the main fruit (the middle). The middle is activated when all 4 parts (sub-fruits) reach level 10. 

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