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Article Publish : 06/17/2024 09:29

Hello and Welcome to Honors Corner!

How are all my fellow lords and Ladies? I trust you’ve all had a chlling weekend and undoubtedly emerced in Legion of Frostborne (LoF), since the end is nigh. Time has come to delve into todays topic of light reading, which will go well with a cup of coffee or beverage of your choosing… let’s get started.



Sieging a gate in the Legion of Frostborne event in Infinity Kingdom is a strategic and cooperative endeavour that requires meticulous preparation and coordination among alliance members. Successfully capturing a gate can turn the tide of battle and provide significant strategic advantages. Here are the essential steps a player should take when getting ready to siege a gate.

1. Coordinate with Your Alliance




  • Role Assignment: Ensure that every member knows their role, whether it's leading the charge, supporting with buffs and healing, or scouting enemy positions.


  • Strategy Discussion: Discuss the strategy for the siege, including which immortals to use, the order of attack, and contingency plans for unexpected scenarios. Legion of Frostborne is Server vs Server, so it's vital to discuss with Server factions and any ally Servers to ensure each knows the part they'll play in racing for a Chronicle or defending gates from the enemy.


- Use of Chat Tools: Utilize alliance chat and external communication tools (like Discord) for real-time coordination during the siege.

 Reinforcement Timing:

 - Staggered Deployment: Plan for a staggered deployment of troops to maintain constant pressure on the gate defences. By, preventing the enemy from having time to regroup.


2. Gather Resources and Prepare Troops


Resource Accumulation:


  • Troops and Healing Items: Ensure you have enough troops and healing speed-ups. Sieging a gate can be resource-intensive, so stock up on necessary supplies.


  • Boosts and Buffs: Activate boosts that increase troop health, attack, and defence. Use any available buffs from alliance technology or personal items.


Eample of some of the Military Boosts you are able to choose as a stratey

Example of how Alliance Technology will aid your territories and Marches.

Troop Training:


- High-Level Troops: Train and upgrade your troops to the highest possible level to maximize their effectiveness during the siege.


3. Scout and Gather Intelligence




  • Enemy Composition: Send scouts to the gate to gather information on enemy defences, including troop compositions and levels. 

- Defense Structures: Note the presence of any defence structures like Thermal Towers or garrisons that may impact your strategy.



4. Optimize Immortal Skills and Marches


Skill Selection: 


  • Debuff Skills: Equip immortals with debuff skills to weaken enemy defences. Skills like Corrosion (reduces enemy defence) and Weakness (lowers enemy attack power) are particularly useful.


  • Buff Skills: Use buff skills to enhance your troops' effectiveness. Skills like this are particularly useful for healing troops during prolonged battles. 


  • Talents: When your army fails to defend your kingdom, Aid ensures that all wounded troops are fully healed. (heals your troops) To aid your territories the use of talents is crucial, for example, increasing dmg dealt, reducing relocation time or reducing the defences of your enemy. Getting the Strategy correct is often key to the outcome of a siege, or battle

  • Increase AoD: War Blessing (increases attack power) can provide significant advantages.


March Composition: 


  • Balanced Teams: Ensure your marches are balanced with a mix of tanks, damage dealers, and support units. A balanced composition can withstand enemy attacks and deal consistent damage.


- Elemental Synergy: Consider elemental synergy within your team. For example, Earth element immortals often provide solid defensive bonuses, while Fire element immortals excel in dealing damage.


5. Set Up Strategic Points and Rally Points


Rally Points:


  • Staging Areas: Establish rally points close to the gate but out of the range of enemy defences. This allows for quick reinforcement and regrouping.


- Resupply: Ensure rally points have access to supplies and healing facilities.


Defence and Backup Plans: 


  • Fallback Positions: Plan for fallback positions in case the initial assault fails. Having secondary positions can provide a safe retreat and regrouping area.


- Continuous Pressure: Ensure that there are plans to maintain continuous pressure on the gate, preventing the enemy from repairing defences or regrouping.


6. Execute the Siege with Precision


Timing and Synchronization: 


  • Coordinated Attack: Launch the siege with precise timing. Coordinated attacks from multiple fronts can overwhelm enemy defences.


  • Skill Activation: Activate crucial skills at the right moments to maximize their impact. The use of debuffs and buffs can turn the tide of battle.



  • Tactics: The Tactics that the Leadership of the Alliance can use eg Defence, helps with Teleport Cooldown reduction (vital if needing to Tp to another Rally point quickly) Reduce the amount of Wounded Troops or Increase prosperity.


Example of Alliance Tactics

Sustained Assault:


  • Reinforcements: Continuously send reinforcements to maintain pressure. Coordinate with alliance members to ensure a steady flow of troops.


- Adaptation: Be prepared to adapt the strategy based on real-time feedback and changes on the battlefield.






Preparing to siege a gate in the Legion of Frostborne event in Infinity Kingdom is a complex and strategic process that demands careful planning, resource management, and tight coordination within your alliance. From gathering intelligence on enemy defences and optimizing your immortal skills and troop compositions to setting up strategic rally points and executing a well-timed attack, every step plays a crucial role in the success of the siege.


Effective communication and real-time coordination are essential for ensuring that all alliance members are on the same page and can adapt quickly to changing battle conditions. By leveraging a mix of debuff and buff skills, maintaining continuous pressure on the gate, and using well-balanced marches, your alliance can overcome enemy defences and secure the gate.


Ultimately, the key to a successful gate siege lies in meticulous preparation and the ability to execute your strategy with precision. By following these guidelines and remaining flexible in your approach, you can significantly enhance your chances of capturing gates and gaining a strategic advantage in the Legion of Frostborne event.