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PURIFICATION SKILL: Scenarios and why deploy this skill?

Article Publish : 06/17/2024 01:31

When to Deploy the Purification Skill in Infinity Kingdom



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In the fast-paced and strategically complex battles of Norheim, Frostborne or Throne of Supreme, knowing when to deploy the Purification skill can be a game-changer. This essay explores scenarios where using Purification is most advantageous, explains the reasons behind its deployment, and offers insights into maximizing its effectiveness.


In the realm of Norheim, your immortals' abilities to remain effective during battle can be severely hampered by debuffs inflicted by enemies. The Purification skill, which removes these detrimental effects, can be the key to maintaining your march's combat prowess. This essay discusses the critical scenarios where Purification should be used and why deploying it at the right moments can turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Scenarios for Deploying Purificat


1. Countering Debuff-Heavy Enemy Teams


You are facing an enemy team that relies heavily on applying debuffs to weaken your march. This could include skills that reduce attack power, defence, speed, or inflict continuous damage effects like poison, burn, or freeze.

Why Deploy Purification:

In this scenario, Purification becomes essential for maintaining your team's effectiveness. By cleansing these debuffs, you ensure that your immortals can continue to perform at their best, preventing the enemy from gaining a strategic advantage through debilitation.

2. Sustaining High-DPS Immortals


Your primary damage dealers, such as Merlin or Himiko, are critical to your strategy, but they are targeted, by debuffs that reduce their attack power or frequency of attacks.

Why Deploy Purification:

Keeping your high-DPS immortals free of debuffs is crucial for maintaining offensive pressure. Purification ensures that these, key immortals can continue to deal maximum damage, disrupting the enemy's formation and strategy.

3. Enhancing Survivability of Frontline Tanks


Your frontline tanks, like Charles the Great or Alexander the Great, are taking heavy debuffs that reduce their defence or increase the damage they take, making them vulnerable to being overwhelmed.

Why Deploy Purification:

Frontline tanks are essential for absorbing damage and protecting your backline. By using Purification to remove these debuffs, you enhance their survivability, ensuring they can continue to shield your DPS and support immortals effectively.

4. During Prolonged Battles


You are engaged in a prolonged battle where continuous debuffs from the enemy could accumulate and gradually weaken your march over time.

Why Deploy Purification:

In long fights, the cumulative effect of debuffs can severely impair your team's performance. Regular use of Purification helps maintain your march's overall effectiveness, preventing a slow decline in combat capability and keeping your immortals in peak condition throughout the battle.

5. Responding to Key Moments


The enemy has just unleashed a powerful debuffing skill that could cripple your team if not addressed immediately, for example in an IB match or PvP Kill Event.

Why Deploy Purification:

The enemy has unleashed a powerful debuffing skill that threatens to weaken your team, so deploying the Purification skill becomes crucial. Purification removes negative effects from your immortals, immediately nullifying the debuffs that could otherwise reduce their combat effectiveness. By cleansing these harmful debuffs, Purification ensures that your team maintains its optimal performance, preventing a significant drop in attack power, defence, speed, or other critical attributes. This strategic use of Purification can turn the tide of battle, keeping your team resilient and capable of countering the enemy's offensive strategies.

Awareness of the enemy's skills is essential, enabling you to adapt and change skills to improve your performance.

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Strategic Insights for Maximizing Purification

1. Pairing with Healing Skills

Combining Purification with strong healing skills, such as Zenobia's Healing Light, can provide a double layer of support. This not only removes debuffs but also restores lost health, making your team more resilient to ongoing attacks.

2. Utilizing Energy Boosts

Skills that increase energy regeneration, like Energy Burst, can help ensure that your support immortals have Purification available more frequently. This allows for more consistent debuff removal, maintaining your team's effectiveness throughout the battle.

3. Coordination with Team Composition

Consider the overall composition of your march. Ensure that your team includes immortals who can take full advantage of being debuff-free. High-DPS immortals benefit greatly from Purification, as it enables them to maintain their high damage output without interruptions.


Deploying the Purification skill at the right moments in Infinity Kingdom can significantly influence the outcome of battles. Whether you are countering debuff-heavy enemy teams, sustaining high-DPS immortals, enhancing the survivability of your frontline tanks, or responding to key moments during prolonged battles, Purification is a versatile and powerful tool. By understanding the scenarios where it is most effective and strategically pairing it with other supportive skills, you can maintain your march's combat prowess and secure victory on the battlefield. Remember, in the realm of Infinity Kingdom, the timely and strategic use of Purification can cleanse your path to triumph, ensuring that your immortals remain unhampered and unstoppable.


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