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[Review] Roundtable Roundup: Summary and Analysis of the Roundtable in Infinity Kingdom

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Article Publish : 06/16/2024 12:55
Edited by fictions at 06/16/2024 14:09


What’s up, folks? Recently, game developers and designers held a roundtable meeting with 14 player representatives to discuss the future of the game, address feedback, and answer questions players and the overall community had. In this article, I’ll be taking a look at some of the common concerns the community had, how the developers are planning to address them, and some of the planned updates on the horizon.

💠Table of Contents

  • Planned KvK Updates
  • Current and Future Events
  • Server Mergers
  • Summary

💠Planned KvK Updates

The new KvK has already been unveiled. One of the biggest concerns the player representatives had was the matchmaking in the current state of the game. Many active servers are matched with dead servers and the majority of KvK brackets effectively end within a couple of hours. Matchmaking for KvK and IB/L takes into account factors such as server and alliance activity levels, past participation, power, and server age. The proposed KvK with four factions that occupy the four corners of the map and create federations within the factions is supposed to mitigate this problem. Alliances will be classified based on their overall activity and power levels and the top eight alliances in terms of alliance power will be automatically assigned a faction to ensure a more balanced and engaging experience for PvE-ers and PvP-ers alike. The new system will prevent active servers from being matched with dead ones. The duration of chronicles and the overall event will be shortened which should make things more dynamic and engaging and even if a server gets a bad matchup, they won’t have to wait as long for the next matchmaking.

In the current state of KvK, high-spenders and those who have Chaos immortals greatly influence and oftentimes singlehandedly decide the outcome of a bracket and even though the event is 45 days long, there isn’t much the opposition can do. Players have been voicing their concerns about the ever-growing gap between the high-spenders and everyone else. The new KvK with events in each zone will emphasize player cooperation more. PvE actions will have more impact and importance in determining the final tally of points and rewards will be distributed based on the number and activity level of participating players. Completing events in Legion of Frostborne will also grant temporary buffs so even farmers can influence the outcome of battles. To rein in the effects of alt influence, the game designers are also working on finding better ways to minimize the impact of players using multiple accounts and plan to set more reasonable participation requirements based on their overall performance. This would be a massive change as alts are currently too suppressive in KvK where they can just use protection bubbles and clog up space around objectives. They also affect events like Open Arena and King of the Hill so dialing back their impact is necessary.

Balancing elements isn’t an easy task, but developers plan to release new immortals and skills for mid-tier players that players should experiment with that should hopefully bridge the gap between Chaos immortals and Triss skills. For example, Server 105 was the first to start experimenting with Yi-Sun-Shin to great effect and now it’s looking like a frontline featuring Charles the Great and Yi-Sun-Shin might be the new meta. New free immortals and skills should be available in the new KvK. In addition, defensive advantages are quite substantial so the team is planning to enhance the rally effects in upcoming updates to make them more impactful. This should be a welcomed buff to the game as Chaos immortals are currently running through rallies without much resistance.

💠Current and Future Events

The game has been out for several years now and many players are finding the current rotation of events and daily tasks cumbersome and less fun as well as more events during the IBL and KvK offseasons. To keep current players interested, first and foremost, the long-awaited update to raise the castle level to 60 is planned for the second half of this year. This will give players more things to do as well and keep their interest in the game on a daily basis. Current events are also being considered for revamps while new events like 3v3 and 5v5 battlegrounds and modes are also being looked into. To keep new players playing and to help new players, free-to-play players, and low-spenders catch up to spenders and older accounts, the distribution of speed-ups and rewards from events is gradually increasing. Unfortunately, revamping entire shops like alliance, arena, Throne of the Supreme, Contention of Relics, and KvK will take some time. New players will also have an easier time getting epic immortals and artifacts in the early stages of the game. The goal is to improve the overall experience for new players and help them feel impactful against more experienced players. It’s a gradual process that will require several improvements.

💠Server Mergers

As an effect of activity levels decreasing, we have seen more and more servers move to single and dual-color servers. When server populations drop significantly, those servers have trouble participating in the game’s biggest events. That means more and more players will choose to migrate to more populous servers. At the moment, there aren’t any plans to decrease or adjust Space Portal requirements. However, server situations are regularly monitored and the development team will merge servers based on the overall ecosystem to help save portals. We have already seen this happen during this KvK. The first batch from Conquest seasons have already been merged which is why some brackets didn’t have eight servers. Mergers will continue as long as there aren’t any bugs and servers in Seasons 1-3 will not be merged. Furthermore, players in dead servers can also take advantage of Call of the New World events and move freely between the servers.


In conclusion, the new KvK will address many of the top concerns voiced by the player representatives and the overall community. It will inevitably generate new concerns but that remains to be seen. Players can look forward to the C60 update as well as various new events that are being considered and current events that are gradually being updated such as the Mercantile Path event. At one point, players were asked for thoughts about server mergers in the Official Infinity Kingdom Discord and they responded. The current server mergers are an iteration of that feedback and dead servers in Conquest Seasons will continue to see mergers.

What are your thoughts about the roundtable? Do you think it helped address some of your concerns? Let me know in the comments below!


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