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[Vote] Cabin 205 - Detective Game

Detective Game GT Neighborhood
Article Publish : 06/14/2024 10:30
Edited by jerrytzh at 07/04/2024 16:34

🚢 Cabin 205 in the Mary - Something's happening 🚢

📕Story Background

You and your GT Neighbors embarked on a sea vacation aboard a ship named Mary. One fateful day, the Mary was sailing on the open sea when it encountered a severe storm. The ship rocked violently in the waves, like a giant cradle, sometimes riding the crest of a wave, and sometimes plunging into the trough. The passengers couldn't endure the tumult; they clung to the railings, vomiting from the motion. Detective Forsent lay in bed, gripping the mattress tightly to avoid falling to the floor.

The storm was finally subsided around 10:00 AM, and the ship gradually stabilized. The captain immediately directed the sailors to check the ship's equipment, while the attendants brought breakfast to the passengers in their cabins. However, Detective Forsent wasn't interested in eating; he continued to sleep. Suddenly, he was jolted awake by a "bang" sound. He thought it was a thermos falling and breaking. To his surprise, the captain rushed in and exclaimed, "There has been a shooting on the ship. Please help investigate!"

🔍The Investigation

The victim was a guest found in cabin 205. Detective Forsent started his investigation with the nearby cabins.

Cabin 204: Occupied by a middle-aged man named Mr. Anderson. He explained, "The storm was too intense, and I was holding in my pee. As soon as the ship stopped rocking, I rushed to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom when I heard the gunshot."

Cabin 206: Occupied by a writer named Mr. Bennett. He said, "I'm working on a detective novel, and the publisher is eagerly waiting for it. I pulled an all-nighter writing. I was at a critical point when I heard the gunshot." He showed a stack of manuscripts, densely filled with neatly and orderly written lines.

Cabin 203: Occupied by a young man named Mr. Carter. He stammered, "I... was passing by cabin 207 and saw the door open, with a wallet on the table. I took it and fled, then immediately heard the gunshot..." He nervously handed over the wallet.

The captain then suggested, "Let's go check cabin 207 next." But Detective Forsent confidently said,

"There's no need. The suspect is right here."

As Detective Forsent's assistant, after reasoning through the clues above, who do you think the real suspect is?

🕵️‍Questions and Discussions for YOU

  1. WHO do you think is the real suspect?
  2. WHICH clue was the key to the truth?
  3. WHAT do you think could be the reason and motive behind the incident? (Open-ended quesiton)

🎉 Participation Rewards

The FIRST user to successfully deduce the identity of the "culprit" and their motive in the comment, will receive a reward of 2,000 GT points! Other participants will earn 200-500 GT points based on the completeness of their submissions. 💰

📅 Submission Deadline

June 21, 2024

Reminder: This is the submission deadline if you want to claim the reward with your vote, but after this date the vote will still remain open for a period of time, so please feel free to participate at any time, detectives!

----- Previous answer (The Vanished Diamond) -------

It was the carpet cleaner Kelly, who stole the diamond.

She deliberately used a vacuum cleaner to suck the diamond out of the bottle, which it was normally used to clean the carpet.

As for the reason behind? Only Kelly herself knows.

Link to the post: [Vote] The Vanished Diamond – Gtarcade Discussion Forum Official Forum

We have awarded 200 GT points to all players who voted correctly, and additional points to some outstanding responses.

Congratulations and enjoy your juicy GT points reward!!!

🎁 Additional Reward Rule

We greatly appreciate everyone's willingness and time to participate in our new community discussion event, the Detective Game.

While there is only one "correct" answer we've prepared, we will reward anyone who comes up with a genuine deduction process and actively engages in this event with a random amount of EXTRA GT Points based on the quality of their answer.

We will carefully review and select the best comments, so don't worry detectives, join in and earn your points!