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HOH vs DUM | Alliance Conquest| Round Five

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 04/17/2024 23:05

The fifth act of the season is here!

After swiftly dealing with the matter in the previous phase against an opponent who, despite their strength and experience, acknowledged the superiority of their rivals. Winning the encounter without major difficulties gave them more time to study and test new combat strategies to use in matches that would be more intense.

The penultimate round of the season was decisive; winning it would mean securing qualification for Ultimate Conquest, and the first step of their goal would thus be achieved ahead of schedule, allowing them to face the final round without anxieties and fears.

So today there would be no room for errors; the importance of a potential victory was higher than ever to reach a critical point in their season. While waiting to discover who their opponents of the day would be, waiting on the battlefield, the leader addressed a few words to his faithful companions: "I know you understand how important it is to bring home this match, but once again, I want to emphasize: winning today will allow us to face the sixth match with the awareness that even in case of defeat, we will be qualified without our fate being decided in the last match of the season."

Just as Grombold finished his speech, the formidable alliance that would face them today arrived on the battlefield, it was...


Fate wasn't kind to HOH; today's rivals were none other than one of the contenders for a spot in the top sixteen alliances of the season. If they wanted to achieve this goal, they had to emerge victorious from the fifth round. They were led today by BA NA NA, accompanied by formidable warriors like Apollonius16 and Gwe. Their battlefield experience was extremely high, and in one-on-one combat, they could rival any opponent. It was going to be a real showdown.

While fate wasn't kind, a well-executed strategy smiled upon them. The decision to change the match time at the last moment was a stroke of genius by the leaders of HOH. This way, they avoided facing BDR or N3O, which would likely have been the case otherwise.

Despite DUM being a top-tier alliance, defeating them would require maximum effort from everyone. Avoiding two of the top five largest alliances in Westeros was a stroke of luck.

"If we fight united, we should win this encounter," Neik said before the start of the battle. The strong presence of rivals who favored cavalry was good news for him, as he could counter them with his lethal Spears.

The two alliances, HOH and DUM, were ready. The tension was palpable, and their fate seemed to hang on the final outcome of this match. Thick clouds covered the ground, forcing the warriors to be cautious with every step. The sky was dark as night due to the clouds, not allowing the sun's rays to filter through. The hearts of the fighters beat simultaneously, aware that every move could determine the fate of their respective alliances.

As the appointed hour struck, signaling the beginning of hostilities, the leader's order was clear: obtain the Warrior Temple at all costs. It held incredible value this season.

Thus, in an unusual move, as their primary objective until this season had been Mother, the majority of HOH forces focused on capturing the position designated by Grombold.

The beginning of the match, however, didn't go as hoped by them.

On the other hand, even the leaders of DUM knew the importance of the Warrior, and their racers also focused on capturing it, prevailing over the rivals!

The initial phase saw the two alliances dividing two buildings each.

The first alliance to break the ranks was precisely HOH, which, under the orders of their commanders, organized rallies to strike the Lannister Outpost. Its proximity to their base made it the easiest building to conquer, but the strong presence of rival warriors made the outcome of any potential attack unpredictable.

Neik, who set off leading his group, was one of the rallies heading towards it, eager to demonstrate his skills. The HOH warrior was among the first to reach and besiege the enemy walls, and...

The attack was a success!

It was MOD who delivered the decisive blow to the defenders, who, after a long series of attacks, could do nothing but retreat. The fearless warrior showcased his strength from the early moments of the battle. But the surprises didn't end there: due to the distance of the position from the enemy forces engaged in defending its walls, another battalion among the ranks of HOH changed strategy and swiftly headed towards Warrior, managing to break through its defenses and take control of it!

Two attacks on two different positions led Grombold's alliance to a lead of four buildings to zero, just as the ports were about to open. The rivals were astonished by the offensive strength demonstrated in the initial phase.

Opening of the Ports

Both went to HOH!

This time, the alliance's racers were flawless, managing to outmaneuver their enemies. At this point, the match saw them with a crushing lead of six buildings to zero, spelling trouble for DUM, which decided to go on the offensive. Under the command of BA NA NA, by far one of the most experienced and skilled warriors on the battlefield, they began rallying troops towards a single destination: Mother's Temple!

The strategy employed by the adversary was most likely an attempt to strip HOH of the 100% healing speed buff. In a match where they would have to make more attacks than their rivals, this buff would mitigate their losses. It was crucial for them to counteract the formidable start made by their opponents.

"Our primary objective is to defend the temple at all costs," were Grombold's words, urging them to defend its walls. Winning its defense would mean dealing a severe blow to the morale of their rivals. So Neik, along with his companions, set off for it. As they advanced through the rugged terrain, a tense silence enveloped the warriors of HOH, interrupted only by the whispering wind, carrying with it the omen of an imminent battle.

The defense was rock-solid, and there was nothing DUM could do. The defenders prevailed!

The number of rallies launched was not sufficient to unsettle the defenses prepared by Tardis, and the timing of them, which struck with significant intervals between each other, hindered by the heavy rain that made the battlefield terrain slippery during the approach to the position, did not aid their cause.

After repelling the attackers and returning from the defense of Mother's Temple, a new objective was about to become available on the battlefield, requiring utmost concentration...

Casterly Rock

The capture of this building could have turned the tide of the match, so it was crucial to gain control of it.

"Without relenting, let's focus on capturing this building!" exclaimed Neik fervently, trying to convey his determination to his alliance companions.

As in previous rounds, the quickest to seize control of it once again was Delthulu!

In this season, they were proving to be one of the fastest racers in their group, which could only bode well for the alliance. DUM, perhaps not expecting to encounter such a fierce opponent today, was losing hope of turning around a match that now saw HOH's advantage growing wider: the attacks launched couldn't make a dent in the defenses erected by the rival commanders, and it was becoming increasingly clear that the match was slipping from their grasp. The difference in fighters deployed on the battlefield was being felt, 91 members against 71, in favor of HOH and to the detriment of DUM.

At the mercy of an opponent who was proving to be truly motivated and who had understood the importance of this match, leader BA NA NA decided to attempt a siege on Lannister Port.

"This could be the final blow to their morale," Neik remarked upon hearing of the impending attack.

"That's why we must do our best to ensure that MOD's defenses emerge victorious from the battle: everyone, go to its defense," were leader Grombold's words!

As the enemy forces drew nearer, the warriors of HOH prepared to face the imminent assault with courage and determination. Meanwhile, during the assault on Lannister Port, BA NA NA leads his alliance in a desperate attempt to overturn the course of the battle...

The attackers started strong, and initially, it seemed like the battle was going well for them. However, when the reinforcements from HOH reached the walls, at that point, there was nothing to be done the Outpost was safe!

"Well done," Neik said to his comrade, who had done everything to prevent the walls from falling.

But the leader interrupted, as it was too early to celebrate victory. Capturing as many points as possible was now crucial for a better placement at the end of the season, so concentration had to be maintained because the opening of the mines was imminent!

The conquest for HOH was a walk in the park, their warriors' morale boosted by the course of the encounter and an unwavering determination to prevail. The rivals made a timid attempt to conquer them, but this was not enough to beat HOH's racers.

It was evident that today, facing opponents who not only outnumbered them but also possessed higher motivation, victory seemed to be an insurmountable challenge. Thus, BA NA NA could do nothing but declare defeat for their alliance.

The victory of the fifth round of Alliance Conquest went to... HOH!


The best fighters of the match were:

SukunA for HOH, ruthless was the only word to describe his attacks on the rivals' bases; facing him today was an almost impossible challenge for his opponents. Lethal.

BA NA NA for DUM, He tried with all his might to keep up a match that saw them defeated from the first moments due to the number of fighters present. He did not lose heart and did his best until he realized it was all futile. A hero.

And so, the fifth round ended, with HOH securing a four wins and one defeat. More importantly, it guaranteed them one of the objectives set at the beginning of the season: qualification for Ultimate Conquest, where they would battle against the other top 15 alliances of Westeros!

"Today, due to the significant absences of our rivals, it was a rather straightforward match. If we have qualified for UC with a match to spare, it's thanks to each and every one of you. Go forth proudly!" were Grombold's words at the end of the match. There weren't many attempts for Neik to organize any rally, but proud to have contributed in the name of his alliance, he was getting ready to head back to K345.

However, before Ultimate Conquest, there was still one opponent to face in the sixth round, and although its importance was not as high, ending the season with another victory was the minimum for an alliance like theirs. Who awaits them around the corner? Would they succeed?

See you next time...