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SbG's CCS, who will win the City of Judgement? S47

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 04/18/2024 02:35

The time for another thrilling Champion City Siege has come with the 47th season arriving. Ashun, a member of N3O, who lives in the Kingdom of SKR, has decided to embark on a journey for the competition in the SbG alliance. This alliance was created with the sole purpose of achieving the great heights of capturing the most esteemed building in this event and receiving the title of Champion Conqueror. Their leader, UrCandy, was one of the greatest fighters that one could find roaming around Westeros. He always tries to reach the title of Conqueror whenever the event is near.

Thus he starts building his alliance with comrades he has met along the years. One of these comrades is Ashun, who despite being in another Kingdom, was eligible to join him in his journey this time around. Ashun is one experienced fighter, but without much skill that could back his knowledge up. However, despite the lack of strength that his skills would provide, he was ready to partake in any fights necessary. This was the reason why UrCandy has reached out to him and many others before the event began.

Champion City Siege is a battlefield where multiple Kingdoms clash in a fight over the City of Judgement, they attack each other with the goal of occupying it. The winner is the other that occupies the building the longest. It's a very simple concept that was easy for Ashun and everyone inside SbG to grasp, now it just came down to who their opponents are going to be.

Now the day of the event was here, Ashun was anxiously waiting to see who his comrades will be, but as he rushed towards the announcement from UrCandy, he realised that many familiar faces were surrounding him. Fighters from N3O but also from NBe and NW1, all alliances that he was very familiar with. For him this meant that UrCandy focused on picking everyone that he knew would have a great synergy together. Seeing all of these familiar faces calmed Ashun's anxiety down, who was now more than ready to aid the team, fully focusing on the task at hand.

Once they got onto the battlefield, they noticed many strong opponents, from which BDR stood out the most. They were a team consisting of the best fighters that BDR has, a very unforgiving lineup for anyone that dares go against it. But for UrCandy this posed no threat, as he knew they will all end up fighting on the same side once more. Thus he immediately reached out to FALCONN, the rally leader that was leading the event for BDR, as well as a very well known fighter with many tales to his name.

However, UrCandy did not receive an answer right away, as the event has started, with BDR occupying the City of Judgement first. The SbG fighters were not quick enough to take a hold of it first. But as the bubble came to an end, UrCandy quickly took it. Now he had to ensure that they could hold until FALCONN gives his answer.

Ashun seeing everything unfold, hurried to reinforce the building, but whilst he was doing so, he was scanning the surroundings, as he realised no one else was aware of the other opponents. He soon knew one thing, they will be desperate to have BDR join their ranks, and vice versa, as many vicious fighters were present from all of the opposing Kingdoms with Av0 and GuR being just a few of the more prominent names. They have brought an incredible number of fighters to continue rallying the building endlessly, in order to get their rewards and inflict damage upon the holder that aspires to become the Conqueror.

As BDR started joining SbG, many rallies were flowing from the opposition, hitting more and more frequently, making everyone shiver at the sight of them marching down towards the City of Judgement. No one was sure if the building was going to hold, but Ashun was motivated to give it his all. It did not matter what troops it required, SbG had to win this at all costs.

As time went on, the reinforcements slowly but surely had slowed down. Everyone started running out of troops, after only 20 minutes into the event, something that was really speaking volumes about how strong and motivated the opposition was to fight for their cause.

This required a drastic decision, trying to secure the building with a lesser timer for UrCandy and swap it to someone else to hold.

There was no one other more suited to take it than FALCONN, the one that joined in the spur of the moment to help fight for the cause. Thus SbG attempted a swap, both fighters were very experienced in it, but it still was a big risk to take should Av0 or GuR capture it. This risk was something that UrCandy was going to take. As he dropped the City of Judgement, FALCONN hastily rushed towards it, trying to be faster than any other alliance, everyone was on the edge of their seats, but as the timer of FALCONN's march reached 0, he managed to capture it.

With this swap being successful, a multitude of rallies started flowing towards the City of Justice once again. But Ashun this time had troops to spare that could fit the frontline of the renowned fighter holding the building. The way that the event progressed was a reassurance for Ashun, who only wanted to see SbG succeed, and they were doing just that. With each rally defended, they were closer to their goal, making everyone ecstatic, but it wasn't an easy job, as many wounded and dead fighters were emerging the longer the fight went on.

Fortunately for everyone that fought valiantly, the enemy's attacks have slowed their pace and might. This has then helped keep more resources and troops for everyone in the battlefield, establishing a victory for UrCandy, crowning him as the Conqueror, with FALCONN and another very strong fighter of N3O, TheOnlyKing, occupying the podium showcasing a total victory.

The bond that UrCandy has established with many fighters has once again proved to be an amazing asset, one of which he was proud of, whilst this was something that Ashun found really as an incredible feat. Although he lost quite a few troops, this was something that Ashun was prepared for, he now gained a lot more experience, not only on the battlefield, but learnt a valuable lesson: Having friends and people you can fight alongside with means more than fighting on your own, as you can achieve greater heights. Now with this lesson learnt, he was going to try his best and put it into practice the next time CCS comes around.