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It is time to say goodbye

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 04/15/2024 06:07
Edited by boness at 04/22/2024 06:20

After two stints in K392, I would finally leave the kingdom. On my first and brief stay, the kingdom was semi-open, and I joined the NSI/Rlk alliance, which dominated King's Landing for a while. When the kingdom bubble was about to fall, i jumped to other kingdom in semi-open until i unlock my T4 troops, and later returned by joining the sRg alliance, which had dominated the kingdom since then. For a long time, K392 remained peaceful. The TIL alliance also defended the kingdom, and together with sRG, both shared PO and even played some events together. But unfortunately, disagreements arose, and the kingdom went into flames. Then the sRg leaders decided to move to another kingdom. For different reasons, I chose another path.

Living exhausting weeks on a hostile server, I sent some crows and then decided on the direction I would take. A distant kingdom, and a new alliance with gameplay that I hope resembles mine.

But before that, even after using all the resources on my farms, I was waiting to finish Lord of Lords (LoL). Personally, I'm not an enthusiast of the event, although I enjoy collecting Sabrina's medals. So I remained in the kingdom, especially due to phase 6. A justification to attack everything and everyone. The term "everything " refers to the same nodes of indigestible adversaries.

To further stir up the kingdom, a raven sent to a distant friend urged him to come and seek merit, burn some troops and seek medals from Sabrina. Then quickly, he disembarked at K392! Lord Lowis was one of the leaders of my new alliance.

It would also be an opportunity to test yet another upgrade of my equipment, which is slowly becoming golden... After upgrading the Sunspear Blade, my infantry reached 1000% infantry attack!

My immediate objective now is to finish researching the expedition tree, and I have a long research going on, which still requires almost 200 days of speed ups. So I wasn't in the LoL ranking yet cause I had not gained any points due to completed surveys...

This way I would have to hit a significant amount of enemy troops to overtake other players.

As soon as phase 6 started, I looked for the coordinates of castles spread across the map. Many were bubbled or already 0ed, but I still found some targets.

Luckily for me, one of the alliances was running the Siege of the Wild event, and by following the arrows on the map, I found an unbubbled castle.

I returned to the game in the next day and there are only 10 minutes left to finish the dispute of KL. There were no enemy troops garrisoning the city, but it was still necessary to be cautious. So, I used an alt to check who was lurking. After this, I launched my attack and took over the city.

As a precaution, I did not keep troops guarding the capital. Enemies shortly after retook KL, and then I launched another attack.

At this moment, I was careless by underestimating the opponent's ability. Should have only used t3 troops as a meat shield. This mistake cost me dearly! A strong attack by the enemy cavalry defeated my infantry, and captured my lord. Then the enemy jumped, and perhaps fearful of being tracked, freed my lord. But not before I managed to hit him with the dragon's bite ability, reducing his attack and damaging some troops. With my lord's return, I attacked KL again and the city's weak protection fell easily. Among these, Lord White Wolf's castle, which I had clashed with during a previous CS:

In order not to repeat the mistake, this time I returned my troops, and hid them... completely clearing my castle. A new enemy castle, [TIL]elfriede, teleported next to mine, and attacked me... perhaps trying to instigate me. But he forgot the anti-scout, and the trap attempt was easily noticeable. Castle of arches with more than 10 million T1!

Therefore, I chose to stay in the rear. As they left KL with a weak defense, I attacked again the city as well as others castles unbubbled too.

This dispute between me and other average accounts had been going on for almost two hours. And then, the major accounts in the kingdom awakened! Initially, my friend Lord Lowis, who arrived in the kingdom in search of fun, easily took over and kept KL. Shortly afterwards the main TIL account, Lord Merde, and then members of BDR. At this moment, I only took on the role of spectator and watched the game between the giants. Some even tried to visit my castle. In particular, Lord GrumptyCat, which due to disagreements with my old alliance sRg, I also provoked by hitting some of his nodes, and the other way around too! But this time, he found me empty.

After they were satisfied with all their troops burned, and took the lead in phase 6, the dispute for KL ended in favor of TIL.

For me, I was also pleased with my ranking, and Sabrina's medals!

So, the time has come to leave K392.