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Shenanigans Squad has a Guest

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 04/15/2024 05:33

We were notified earlier that our clan castle Goddess Ary would be unavailable for our next Arena of Honor match. The remaining squad members began to discuss how we would handle this unexpected snafu in our team. For just the 4 of us, we work so well together. So, we began to bounce some different ideas on how we should proceed.

Should we just go in the three of us or should we find a substitute? There are always pros and cons to both. Just leaving it the three of us, wouldn’t mess with our synergy but it is less people having to do more things. Sure, we could bring in someone else, but how would that affect the troops we bring in, would they mesh well with us and who could we get at the last minute? M1lf mentioned bringing in one of his alliance mates, a strong inf player, Venomektra. He felt they could be added without disrupting the group too much.

I had remembered this player from a couple Arena of Honors ago. They were in one of the enemy factions and were indeed a very strong opponent. After much debate, we agreed to ask them if they would like to join us. Venom agreed and we welcomed our first guest into the Shenanigans Squad.

We had to shift roles a bit which left Byakuya taking our clan castle. Venom and I would take Dragon Pit and Mercenary Camp. Everyone, as always, was to help with strongholds and altars. I would also try and grab the mines and sept once they were available too. Then m1lf, Venom and I would all rally the City of Glory when it was time. When we got on the map, we were again team gangsta granny

in House Tyrell.

We spotted some accounts that could give us issues, including one I knew from back on 276, Loconet.

Loco was not my biggest fan and had rallied me before so there was some long-standing tension building in the air. Don’t get me wrong, I never did anything to him, just was dragged into some drama that really had nothing to do with me. Just as I spotted him, I knew he knew I was on the map as well and he would come for me.

Considering when we last met, I was weaker, I had hoped that my improvements may elicit a different outcome in this match. He still counters me, but a lot has changed since my hoffit days lol.

We we able to get all our strongholds and altars and began taking the neighboring factions’ altars as well. When sept opened, we grabbed that easily, same with the mines. Everything was going according to plan. Venom rallied the Mercenary Camp, and I rallied Dragon Pit. All that was left was the city to open. We didn’t have long to wait.

As the city opened, M1lf called his rally first, I was trying to bring my troops back from the dragon pit so I could start mine. We launched and won the battles but failed to take the city right away. So, we rallied again. M1lf took the city with this rally and began to stand tall to the barrage of attacks. Finally, an attack came that booted us from the city. I rushed to call another rally since we have a plan for this. We filled quickly and I was able to take the City back from NBe’s BaitMan.

I could sense a disturbance in the force when I was notified the City was being scouted. I didn’t need to look and see who it was, I already knew.

I also knew that he would move to strike me next. I warned M1lf to be ready with a rally if I was to fall and held my breath while waiting for the inevitable. I did not wait long.

Having survived the hit and winning the battle, I was pleased to see how far I have progressed since we last met. Loconets alliance mate supercall then called their own rally against me. Once again, we were booted from the city.

M1lf, Venom and I all called rallies to try and take the city back, but we were no match for supercall who held on to the city with ease.

While we had battled for the city, fortune did shine upon us in we were able to take the Lannister factions clan castle. Having two clan castles catapulted us into a comfortable second place spot. Venom said let’s just focus on holding the two clan castles, since we were just feeding supercell eliminations trying to knock them out of the city. We saw the wisdom in Venom’s words and while I didn’t like abandoning the city, I clearly knew they were right.

We held both clan castles till the end of the match and as Venom had predicted easily took the second-place spot. Our guest was a huge help and fit in with us easily. It was an honor to fight by their side. Upon reflection, after the match, I realized how lucky I was to have a great group of friends to play this event with. We are spread over many servers and many alliances, but we have an amazing synergy that allows us to incorporate changes on the battlefield as needed. Even though we didn’t take first place, I was very proud at how well we worked together even adopting a way different strategy mid battle. How did you do this round of Arena of Honor?