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N3O meets AV0 in their second round of SoW

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Article Publish : 02/21/2024 21:39

It was a surprisingly warm winter evening, the breeze felt warmer than any other thus far this season, but it could be that it was just how the average member of N3O was feeling after their intense fight in the first round of Siege of Winterfell. But there was no time to ponder about it, it was time for the second round of the Siege of Winterfell, and N3O's potential was about to rekindle brighter than ever. Their recent success in the first round of SoW had boosted their confidence, propelling them towards their goals with determination and high morale. Their history on this battlefield beforehand left no space for doubt even before this season started, as they were led by incredibly experienced warriors, such as B3nni, a leader who has won the event back to back for multiple season, this being his chance to make it five in a row. N3O is now going into the second round of the 12th season of this event in the Super League, where a place in the top 100 strongest alliances enables one to receive medals for an SS castle skin, but they weren't going for a measly top 100 finish, they were going for the very top spot. The hope to reach their goal is sky-high and they are going to give everything they've got to reach it, this match will be a must-win, just like every other, otherwise, the goals will crumble before them!

Their goals, what exactly are they? Well, they are aiming for the first spot, which seems just like a dream as of now, as their competition is fierce, with alliances like BDR and WxC following in their tracks. This means but one thing, that they must win this match to get a chance of reaching their goal, every match is a must-win. The morale was up after the last match where they managed a win against a very strong HOH, someone that had surprised them with the fight they put up. Seeing the display of power that they managed to do, the hopes were alive, growing with each passing second, but one question lingered in their mind, how will they pull this off in case the matches get tougher? This was a question that Ashun asked himself, but he couldn't bring any answer to as this was his first season with the alliance, and only his second round of action. All he could think of was the fierce opponents that awaited them inside the timezone they are playing in. He was hoping for an easy opponent for the first time this season in order to save some resources, but he knew that duels against BDR, WTF and WxC were inevitable at the top. But first the plans must be told at the Alliance Hall by the leaders, as well as the opposition reveal.

Thus he departed his home to head towards the middle of King's Landing where the alliance Hall was going to be found. The Alliance Hall building was something that N3O was proud of, as it held a lot of history, most than any other alliance that is currently at the top. It was newly reconstructed, initially, it was made of old wood, constructed around the time when the world of GoTWiC first started, but now, it was made of stone, standing stronger than ever before. When he arrived at the Hall, the still wooden door was slowly opening, making Ashun unsure if it was due to its handle being defective or hesitance in B3nni's actions, but nevertheless, the opponent was to be revealed.

From Ashun's position, he could see him clearly, he was wearing a worried relaxed on his face, one that was making the on-lookers boil with anticipation and curiousity. B3nni is a great leader in Ashun's eyes, as he keeps everyone together, working as a team, better than most other alliances, they were not only fighting on the same side, they were family. Their unity could make any strong alliance jealous.

As everyone finished gathering near the new Alliance Hall, the strategist spoke firmly, ''We are up against AV0, this is going to be a break from our hard matches, use it to relax and get in shape for what is to come. As you all know, they are a top 20 alliance, this will be an easy match for us if we aim to win everything, but we need to make sure to end everything swiftly and quickly.''. This was exactly what Ashun had wanted and hoped for and not only him, everyone seemed to have wanted an easy match to get the win for the alliance to save up for the hard matches as possible. In Ashun's eyes, this was a great boost for the top spot, but he didn't know the details at such a high level, on how the mechanics of the rankings will work, as the difference is for sure to be slim in the rankings.

B3nni then continued: ''The plan is to repeat what we did in the first round, we are going to fight on 2 sides of the map, namely, we will have an Armory team and a Hot Springs team.'' This was the tactic that was attempted in their last match with a convincing victory against a very strong opponent, they tried not give their opponents a chance to react in the slightest, and even though they were taken by surprise, they still managed to make it into a win quite flawlessly. Everyone's job consisted of fighting for the buildings only, once they are secured, N3O as a whole is going to head to Winterfell and fight the enemy off if there was anyone still left alive.

With this said, all of the bannermen available had departed for the fight, led by B3nni, who despite the convinced of an easy win and confident talk and look from earlier, was going to lead them into the fight with all of his might, taking their opponent as seriously as possible. Right behind him there was Ashun, who was seen to be lost in thoughts, thinking about their next matches to come. The road there was relaxed and slow, everyone enjoyed being out in the nature, making quite frequent stops for campfires and singing songs along the way.

Once they arrived onto the battlefield, it became even clearer, the difference between the two armies was too extreme, the average member more confident looking at the surroundings. The pressure that they would feel in matches where they face BDR or WxC wasn't there. They could take it easy. Everyone had now become excited of what the outcome could be, how horrendous and catastrophic the battle could turn out for AV0 however, only time could tell.

Having seen the difference in power, B3nni immediately spoke up, ''We are now going to finish this as fast as possible even if they try to put up a fight. We need the recovery time.''. The opponents were led by Ganicus, who seemed to be highly motivated for the fight, but for Ashun, his motivation would not mean much. Normally he is also the strongest fighter in AV0, but he cannot win such an event on his own. Due to his might, AV0 could try and resist, but it was going to be futile. As Ashun finished his thoughts, the match had begun. The AV0 army went towards the Armory, but they were just going to be ran over, the real battle will begin near their bases.

Not after a long time, the two armies have come face to face, Ganicus has charged instantly into the N3O army, who had reached the Outpost before even the bases opened up. He went inside the N3O army trying to take out fighters that were unprepared as soon as they reached the location of the Outpost. B3nni seeing this had jumped to counter him, instantly knocking him out cold. The battle for AV0 had taken an even sharper turn.

On another part of the battlefield, namely at Base 3, Ashun, who was tasked with defending it, has found Lord Jyce, a common fighter of AV0, in an attempt to sneak past the frontlines of N3O. This was not something that Ashun could allow, thus he started a fight to death. Ashun could enjoy this match a little now.

The fight between the two had started. In the midst of battle,Ashun's quick moves clashed with Lord Jyce's powerful swings. The sound of swords meeting echoed around them as they fought fiercely. Then, with a sudden strike, Ashun's quick strikes knocked his opponent to the ground, ending the only fight that Ashun could've received this match.

Some of the AV0 forces tried their best to stop the annihilation that N3O had in plan for them but they couldn't last long however, as with the first attack, N3O was already at their base, killing anything in sight.

This meant that N3O has now gotten yet another victory this season and will for certain have a harder time in their next matches. They will not stop until they have reached their goal by the end of the season, a loss is out of question for them. The road to the goal announces itself to be one with ups and downs, but this only excites Ashun, who has high expectations for his first season here, the same applies to B3nni, who is attempting to get yet another successful run in Siege of Winterfell, and crown himself as victor of the event. Now he is feeling a lot of relief as they got more rest before what could be their hardest match this season. The road to the match ahead will be a tough one, full of hardships to overcome in training in order to reach their maximum capacity, but they all believed in themselves, however, believing and reaching the victory and goal are two different things, will they be able to reach them?