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CCS Adamant Fortress: Fighting for the Blood Diamonds

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 02/20/2024 03:12

Well, y’all it is that time of the month again where I kill my troops for your entertainment. Champion City Siege time. This month we are fighting for the Adamant Fortress.

There was some debate before the match on where we would be playing. Our choices were to stay in NFI or find some allies to join. We had some new members to NFI on the map with us, but no one was particularly interested in trying to be the champion, figuring it may be better to save our boots for the next Alliance Conquest. It would actually work out well since one of our alliance allies, Depravity, wanted the championship title. I was content to stay in NFI and just do the bare minimum to get my battle diamonds and go. For some reason in this hectic month, I just wasn’t feeling it lol. BUT y’all know I can’t just NOT CCS.

The first indication that something was off was how long it took us all to get on the map. We waited so long we had a weird broken up hive instead of everyone grouping up.

I looked around the map to see who our opponents would be. I found the naughty boys and girls grouped together lol

UTB made an appearance.

Some in BDR had jumped servers and were fighting together as spy. One of them was Falconn, I swear he is everywhere lol

Depravity was near us with his own little crew, ready to fight for the title.

We weren’t really expecting the BDR folks to show up since they played on an earlier map. Since I am feeling magnanimous let’s assume they jumped servers to help some of their members get their points. Either way, it was no skin off our back since we are just here to get points. Put a pin in that lol.

Depravity made the first move and took the castle. His team rushing in to reinforce him.

Since we were not going to hit him we just waited to see what happened next.

The next big contender for holding the castle was Falconn, of course.

His team quickly reinforced him, and it was a good opportunity for us to rally. Rallies were called by a few of our teammates including a couple of our most recent additions…The problem was instead of ensuring all their teammates could get into the rallies with their dragons, several just sent their full buffed up armies. While I was quietly frustrated with my team, some members verbally expressed their frustrations. Because I have played ccs with a lot of different teams, I learned early on to never fill the rally unless you are a small group that can fit everyone in with their marches. It is a common request because everyone would like to get their eliminations. Think of it like common courtesy. In CCS landing a rally on a target can be difficult as the castle changes hands so frequently. In addition, your rally hitting a castle that is not reinforced won’t get you eliminations either. So with limited opportunities, most choose to be courteous to everyone since a team is put together to help each other with a common goal, i.e. get max battle diamonds or become conqueror whatever flavor you prefer. My frustrations were growing, but I remained quiet.

Fairly early on, even the rally leads decided against trying to hit Falconn. I guess the losses were not worth it to them. I don’t know because only a small handful made it into those rallies, and I wasn’t one. With our target options growing smaller since we couldn’t or wouldn’t hit the main two people holding and reinforcing the castle, I began to rethink my lifes choices. Was this really worth the blue diamonds I spent getting in here?

I know it sounds a bit doom and gloom so to keep up my spirits I decided to focus on all the pretty colors going to and from the castle. Seriously y’all it is so relaxing lol.

Barlab ended up taking the castle for a bit which gave us an opportunity to reinforce and let people hit us, but it is a double-edged sword since you generally reinforce with lower tiered troops. The idea is to get your kills while denying the enemy troops theirs. This got us some points but not enough to change the tide.

I had written off hope of getting the maximum battle diamonds and was even doubting my ability to get the minimum when a hero swooped in and kept it from being a complete waste of time.

I don’t know if he had read the room and seen the frustration or if it was just a coincidence. I don’t care either, I am just grateful we have someone like him. I knew win or lose we would get some eliminations so maybe I could get a minimum amount of battle diamonds.

After the short reinforcement of the Adamant Fortress, and R0nY’s rallies, I just missed getting the maximum battle diamonds, instead receiving 40 for my efforts.

Without R0nY’s heroics at the end, I may have ended up with none. So instead of being upset with all that went wrong, I focused on the positive, grateful for what I had gotten. The lesson in this match was that the crafting of a good team is a lot harder in practice than in theory. It is easy to throw together a bunch of large players and it is harder to get everyone on the same page. Since I will be traveling soon and may have to find some allies for the next match, I now understand better some of the things I should look for and other things to be avoided. Did yall play CCS this time around? How did your matches go?