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SOW - G2L vs BoL

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 02/20/2024 00:00
Edited by arthurion dragonpop at 02/20/2024 00:06

The lands of Westeros once again vibrated with the sound of war horns, announcing the start of the third battle of the Siege of Winterfell. The G2L counter already announced a victory and a defeat. Today they were going to face the BoL, already well known to the G2L for having been their enemy during the total war. The BoL were then part of the ice faction, whose plan was to engulf all the combatant nations alone, and who had required a coalition of all these same nations to overcome it. We knew this enemy was formidable, but not inaccessible, although it had since been reinforced. A slight feeling of revenge was born in the hearts of the G2L. A punitive desire, to make their enemy suffer a second defeat, and once again assert their tactical supremacy. For the occasion, the greatest Gallic generals had even organized themselves around a small hive, in order to share among themselves the bonuses of their most resplendent castles.

For this siege, the map of Westeros displayed its same bases, outpost, armory, hot springs and of course: Winterfell. A complex battlefield, full of strategy where every step, every choice, was crucial. The stakes were immense, with each victory bringing coveted rewards. And the Gauls, a proud people, loved to gain as much reward as the old and new gods can bestow on their disciples. Before the game began, the G2L aligned 72 lords, and the BoL: 67. A slight numerical predominance in favor of the G2L, which some did not hesitate to transform internally into a monstrous tactical advantage, signs of an overwhelming victory for come.

From the start, the G2L split into two forces, each assigned a crucial mission. One part of the alliance headed towards the armory, aiming to seize this vital location which granted bonus attack, defense, and health, while the other set off towards the hot springs to benefit healing speed bonus. A well-established strategy, but the BoL were not left out. Springs were always eagerly coveted by alliances. Its intoxicating vapors strengthened the muscles while sparing them, allowing the infantry to hold their shields better. They allowed a clear improvement in the mobility of the joints, and therefore the range of movements, greatly increasing the range of the spearmen. They also reduced riders' gluteal spasms after long rides. They finally soothed the inflammation of the archers, increasing the tension of their string. An initially friendly place, which despite itself found itself at the center of the deadliest wars.

The fights between players sounded like the clash of swords in an epic duel. Arthurion, true to his reputation as a fearless Lord, led the charge towards the hot springs, determined to gain this strategic advantage for the G2L. The cavalry arrived on the scene, followed shortly by the infantry, the spearmen and finally the archers. All sweaty after the journey. The initial fights were always of unparalleled violence. The troops, still fresh, full of life, and determined to fight, shot to kill. Each commander brought with him the pride of his alliance, and the perfect resolve for victory. The countless troops organized themselves erratically in pocket, each lord narrowing their eyes to catch sight of the weak army to be decimated. The orders for targets to be shot came out. Quickly, the BoL showed themselves to be better organized, and above all, much more numerous, outflanking the armies of the G2L, like an implacable power. If the G2Ls had equitably divided their numbers, this was clearly not the case for the BoLs. The first battles were a severe struggle.

The first defeat required a tactical adaptation. Which was done. We therefore gathered en masse at base 2, with the aim of achieving a breakthrough against the BoL who remained at the sources and were still seriously injured by the first assaults. Many warriors were just waiting to be finished. The second charge of fresh troops was sounded. The enemy, fewer in number and seriously wounded, seemed easier to exterminate. When it came to winning, the G2L seemed to find a new coordination, as if the men had only acted as a single weapon. This devastation allowed the G2L to temporarily occupy the sources and benefit from its bonus. A general bathing was therefore ordered.

At the same time, a team of horsemen had taken charge of Winterfell's resources. The first bag, taken by Kykkio, headed towards 2nd base. It was on this same basis that part of the G2L retreated, and it was on this same basis that almost all of the BoL were directed. The enemies having taken a slight lead on the bases, it was necessary to respond by taking control of the bag and its resources.

A second fight raged on the second base, and around the resources of Winterfell. The G2L had adopted, despite themselves, a defensive attitude. It was necessary at all costs to preserve the base until the precious resources arrived. The troops were fully engaged, using no limits of care. Fortunately, despite constant pressure from the BoL, the G2L managed to deliver the first bag of resources, and a celebration was heard in the Gallic alliance, glorifying their power and the valiant carriers of the bag.

But the fight did not diminish in intensity. Cornered in the second base, without access to sources, and without control of the armory, the army gradually weakened. Everyone resisted with bravery. Breakthroughs were repeatedly attempted to regain control of the sources, but the BoL seemed to be ahead of all tactics. An attempt was made to disperse the forces across the various bases, but the BoL also had defending armies. The combat was intense, with every corner of the map becoming the scene of fierce battles. The BoL, like an inexorable tide, left no chance for the G2L to regain control of the situation. With each new breakthrough attempt, the G2L armies were pushed back with implacable determination.

The resource bag at Winterfell then became the focal point of a fierce struggle. Until now, only one bag had managed to be placed. Tenacious in the face of the BoL's incessant assaults, the G2L seized the second bag, and base 2 quickly became the center of all the fighting again. The same armies were killing each other with ferocity, while the outcome of the fight became more and more uncertain.

Each side took turns controlling the bag. Depositing these resources had become the ultimate way for G2L to slightly rebalance the match. But the BoLs did not give up. They seemed to have equipped their spearmen with the winged breeches of the god Hermes. Each meter of ground gained from the enemy could be reduced to little in record time. We decided to take the long path that led to the Stark 2 outpost, still at least the G2L. A safer route, hoping that the snow could benefit the northern warriors.

But once again, the BoL resisted ardently. With time running out, we had to decide to rush to base 2 and try everything.

Daenerys' dragons vomited their flames. The Lancers pierced the cavalries. The last minutes promised to be decisive for the Gauls.

Unfortunately the BoLs were inflexible. The second resource bag never reached 2nd base. At the end of the event, despite the fine strategy and unfailing determination of the G2L, the BoL emerged victorious. Possession of the strongholds on the map had given them a decisive advantage, thus sealing their triumph in this extremely harsh Siege of Winterfell. It was another day of defeat for the G2L, but in each defeat there was hope of a future victory. The G2L withdrew, slightly bitter about this third consecutive defeat, ready to reflect, train and come back stronger for the future battles that awaited them.