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Siege of Winterfell - S12 - Match 4 - DUM vs HHH

Wars & Stories in Westeros Siege of Winterfell
Article Publish : 02/18/2024 17:55

Hello Lord and Ladies,

The final week of the Siege of Winterfell lies ahead of us. In the meantime, I will recount the fortunes of the 4th round match between DUM and HHH, two formidable alliances. Prior to this match, HHH had secured 3 victories while DUM had 2 wins and a memorable loss against WTF. Therefore, after this match, DUM could have 3 victories or HHH could suffer their first defeat. How did the entire match unfold? It's worth noting that this was the first encounter between these alliances in the Siege of Winterfell, promising an intriguing battle. Additionally, 80 players from DUM and 72 players from HHH joined the match, giving DUM an advantage on the map. However, despite this, HHH's players continued their good streak and achieved another epic victory. Perhaps DUM, after their win against IXA, was fueled by this momentum to secure another victory?

The match began with both teams skirmishing for control of buildings, which were the first objectives to be opened. DUM was the first to capture both Greyjoy Outposts, while HHH seized both Stark Outposts. After securing these buildings, both teams advanced further. Their next target was the Hot Spring. Initially, there was a back and forth between the teams, but DUM soon gained the upper hand, gradually increasing their player presence there. HHH, seeming to withdraw slowly, then engaged in a fight for the open 4 bases. On the other side of the map, near the Armory, things were calmer, and DUM players took control of the building. Following HHH's withdrawal from the Hot Spring to avoid clashing with DUM's forces, they retreated to Base 2 and Base 1. Pursuing HHH's forces, DUM players engaged in another battle, which ended in DUM's victory after intense fighting.

HHH, unwilling to engage in prolonged battles and lose their soldiers, considering that both the Hot Spring and Armory were under DUM's control, decided to retreat to Base 2 and Base 3. There, DUM players clashed with HHH's forces again, resulting in another victory for DUM after a fierce few minutes. HHH, seeing that DUM held the Hot Spring and Armory, providing buffs for healing and total attack, decided not to give up easily. They regrouped and headed towards Winterfell, where they battled DUM players for resources.

The fight for DUM's resources was short but provided both teams with many elimination points and enjoyable experiences. Despite later defeat and the loss of HHH players, their fight for the first package was truly intriguing. It all began with a significant group of HHH players appearing. Initially focused on battling in bases, DUM didn't react quickly to this offensive from HHH players who were waiting for resources, assuming that DUM wouldn't arrive too soon. Unfortunately for them, their assumptions were incorrect, and shortly after the first package was taken by POMEHIKA from DUM, both teams engaged in a battle over the package. POMEHANIK was attacked by HHH from all sides, while DUM defenders guarding POMEHIKA attacked HHH relentlessly, destroying their soldiers. The first attempt by HHH to take the package succeeded, and after a moment's march towards Base 4, POMEHIKA was killed. This led to a brief battle between both teams to regain control of the package. The second person responsible for transportation, Jon from DUM, also became a target for HHH. However, DUM defenders did an excellent job, killing more HHH soldiers, leaving fewer HHH players on the battlefield. Despite some losses, HHH managed to defeat Jon. Soon after, in a less bloody battle with only a few HHH players remaining, the DUM player responsible for transportation managed to deliver the package to Base 4 safely. Thus, the first 4k points after a short but interesting and demanding battle were won by DUM. The next 5 packages that also went to DUM gave these warriors 35k points and a significant advantage over their rival.

In this battle for resources, dragon queen's effort was recognized and appreciated by her DUM teammates. The defenders accompanying her were hailed as heroes of the queen. In this battle, Sylica and BA NA NA from DUM, along with MaMaHow69 and nany from HHH, were hailed as the best players. Both DUM players, who valiantly defended their resource transporters, and HHH players, who fought for these resources but also participated in the battle for the Hot Spring and bases, showed that they are excellent warriors, ready to overcome any obstacle to provide help and support where needed. Both DUM and HHH players in this match proved to be excellent point collectors for their teams and hunters of great fun, especially in battles for buildings and PvP skirmishes in HHH's starting base. Each contributed more or less to the match, but as the best in their teams, they added strength and willingness to continue fighting with the rival. Thanks to them, the match, which could have gone differently, added an interesting aspect without which neither team would have achieved what they did. Congratulations and admiration are due to them.

Blue - DUM

As the match slowly came to an end, DUM focused on battling HHH and transporting additional packages with resources from Winterfell to Base 1, continuing their fight while thinking about other events. Meanwhile, HHH, having lost so much already, began to sum up this match, which turned out to be their first defeat of the season, much to the dissatisfaction of the players. Their gameplay wasn't the best, and the opponent had the advantage everywhere. Even though DUM didn't block HHH players this time, giving them access to the map, they didn't capitalize on it, which led to their defeat. Playing another excellent match, DUM once again proved to their rival that they are the best. Although sometimes their gameplay is chaotic, they can quickly stabilize their game, analyze tactical assumptions quickly, and efficiently incorporate them into the match, which always brings results. HHH, playing tactically but not as strongly as DUM, quickly lost in this match. Neither their tactical play nor the opportunities provided by DUM players in this match were utilized by them, leading to their defeat after an hour of the match. Therefore, DUM won the match. With another +352 points added to their score, after 4 matches, this alliance has 3,973 points, which gave them another advancement in the ranking. Meanwhile, HHH suffered a loss of -138 points after this 1 defeat in the 12th season, totaling 4,008 points after 4 matches, resulting in a drop in the ranking. Let's hope that both teams will play much better in the last week of the 12th season of the Siege of Winterfell, in their 5th and 6th matches. I wish them the best. For now, thank you for your attention, for the opportunity to present the fate of this match. Stay safe, and see you soon! 😀