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[UPDATE PREVIEW] Nimbo Exclusive: Preview

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Article Publish : 05/29/2023 15:00
Edited by jumpscared at 06/01/2023 15:18

Hey Seekers, it's Nimbo here!

Do you remember me? Well, I've been accompanying you all on the westbound journey for over a month now.

It's time for more new content, right? Soon you are going to receive a major version update!

What's new? What optimizations have been made?

It's up to me, Nimbo, who knows everything, to give you a sneak peek!

[UPDATE PREVIEW] No.1: Demon's Bane

Under the contamination of Mana, some Demons are making a comeback on your journey.

To prevent their invasion, you need to defeat them again.

It's now up to you, Seekers!

👉More details in the picture >>>

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