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UC - Round 3 - DUM vs KOR

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 05/25/2023 20:27
Edited by vlodek at 05/27/2023 21:06

In the third round of the Ultimate Conquest(UC), two formidable alliances, DUM and KOR, faced off once again for glory and advancement to the fourth round. Would DUM emerge victorious once more, or had KOR analyzed their gameplay and opponents to draw the right conclusions? Let's dive into the story.

With a staggering number of 97 players from DUM and 67 players from KOR, the advantage was clearly in favor of DUM. It was evident that KOR had little chance of winning, and their team morale was so low that players even refused to join the match. As expected, DUM, living up to their valiant alliance, showed up in full force and took control of the situation right from the beginning.

The first 15 minutes witnessed a rapid takeover of the Warrior Tower, both outposts, Lannister Port, CR, by DUM, and the Mother Temple and Targaryen Port by KOR. In their quest to gain control of the Mother Temple, DUM initiated raids, successfully breaking through KOR's weak and disorganized defense. They repeated this feat by raiding the Targaryen Port, seizing complete control of these two buildings. Refusing to be outdone, KOR attempted to show DUM that they too knew how to play the game and started raiding for Lannister Port. However, DUM's strong, swift, and coordinated defense thwarted their attempts. Undeterred, KOR changed their target and launched 17 raids on the Targaryen Port. This time, DUM's defense was caught off guard, and KOR managed to take over the port. Their joy was short-lived, though, as they lost the port a few minutes later to solo attacks by DUM players. KOR tried their chances against CR but also this time they did not achieve the expected success.

- red frames, first captured buildings by KOR, blue frames first captured buildings by DUM.

The next 30 minutes saw a quick capture of both strongholds by KOR. However, their weak defense and poor reinforcement led to the loss of both buildings to DUM players. With each passing minute, DUM gained momentum, realizing that KOR's bubbles would soon burst, and attacks on their castles would commence. Solo attacks on KOR's castles during this time earned DUM's team significant points. In contrast, KOR players only managed to score a fraction of the points, fully aware that they had no chance of winning. Furthermore, they had no troops in the castles and feared healing wounded units, knowing that they would be killed again shortly, resulting in giving points to their opponents and wasting valuable healing boosts. Meanwhile, it was evident that KOR wanted the match to end quickly and forget about it, but it was only halftime. The morale within the KOR team was already at rock bottom, and no one had the desire to continue playing, knowing that DUM was having a blast and doing whatever they pleased. KOR players knew that their UC adventure was coming to an end; both alliances were waiting for the mines.

- red frames, first captured buildings by KOR.

The final 15 minutes primarily revolved around the mines. Despite KOR's swiftness in capturing the Targaryen mines, their weak reinforcement and lack of troops resulted in a quick loss of this mine. DUM fortified both mines and accumulated all the points, amounting to 28k. KOR made no attempt to organize raids; they simply watched as DUM's points skyrocketed uncontrollably, realizing that they were unable to stop it. Displaying fair play, DUM released control over some buildings they held for the entire match, allowing KOR to gain a few points. They employed the same tactic they used in the previous match against KOR, indicating that despite their rivalry, these two alliances were connected by friendship or a desire to give their opponent some, additional points to help them achieve more rewards in their UC journey's end. This time, KOR gladly accepted the gesture from DUM and took control of those buildings. The match was won by DUM, which came as no surprise. The players from DUM were elated with their advancement to the fourth round, eagerly awaiting their next opponent, either KAC or NFI. On the other hand, KOR had to come to terms with yet another defeat and analyze their gameplay, drawing lessons from the harsh reality they experienced in this match.

- blue frames captured buildings by DUM and get all the points.

-red frames, buildings disbanded by DUM and taken over by KOR (last 13 minutes), blue frame, buildings occupied by DUM until the end of the match.

The MVPs of the match were Hail2TheDum from DUM and KalRi from KOR. Congratulations to these valiant warriors for their exceptional performances. The match showcased not only the competitive spirit but also the camaraderie between the two alliances, despite the intense rivalry. It was a display of sportsmanship and respect, as DUM graciously allowed KOR to gain some points towards the end.

Now, DUM prepares for the next round, armed with their victories and the valuable experience gained from this match. KOR, on the other hand, must regroup, analyze their weaknesses, and strategize for future battles. The UC journey continues only for DUM.

The third round of the Ultimate Conquest between DUM and KOR proved to be a one-sided affair, with DUM dominating the match from start to finish. With a significantly larger number of players, DUM quickly took control of key structures and outposts, leaving KOR struggling to mount an effective defense. Despite KOR's attempts to rally and launch counterattacks, they were unable to match DUM's strength and coordination.

Throughout the match, DUM showcased their strategic prowess and superior teamwork, swiftly seizing control of important buildings and consistently thwarting KOR's efforts. The morale within the KOR team plummeted as the match progressed, with players losing hope and resigning themselves to defeat. On the other hand, DUM players were filled with confidence and determination, knowing that they were on their way to the next round of the tournament.

In the final moments of the match, DUM demonstrated sportsmanship by relinquishing control of certain buildings, allowing KOR to gain some points. This act of generosity highlighted the underlying respect and camaraderie between the two rival alliances, acknowledging the shared journey they had in the Ultimate Conquest.

As the match concluded, DUM emerged victorious, securing their place in the fourth round. The players celebrated their success and eagerly anticipated the next challenge that awaited them. They had proven once again that their alliance was a force to be reckoned with in the UC.

Meanwhile, KOR faced the bitter disappointment of defeat. However, they understood the importance of analyzing their gameplay and learning from their mistakes. This defeat would serve as a valuable lesson, guiding them towards improvement and a stronger performance in future matches.

Both DUM and KOR exemplified the spirit of competition, pushing each other to new heights in their quest for glory. Despite the outcome, the match highlighted the bonds forged between warriors on the battlefield, where respect and friendship transcended the boundaries of rivalry.

As the Ultimate Conquest journey continued, DUM prepared to face their next opponents, while KOR regrouped and devised new strategies to reclaim their lost glory. The story of the third round would become a chapter in their shared history, fueling their determination to leave an indelible mark on the tournament.

Congratulation and thanks to ubu teams and good luck to DUM in the next phase of UC.

See the video summarizing the entire match, enjoy!