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KvK: SLO taking on K42

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Article Publish : 03/20/2023 22:41
Edited by maihler at 03/21/2023 00:02

As time passes and events come and go on a daily basis, there was one that stood out for most of the players around Westeros. That event was KvK. With its ever-changing variety of effects, game modes, and opponents, it keeps everyone intrigued and caught in it every single time it comes around each month.

This time the troops lost were going to be revived, meaning that everyone in SLO would be able to enjoy an active cost-free Player versus Player together with their ''tree friends''.

However, there was more to this No-Death KvK than just not losing troops, it was a really special one, it was during the 4th Anniversary of the game, a very special occasion for the players all around. We were given multiple effects and a special first-time event called "Weak troops". Our ''Slotherers'' (Sloths that are slaughterers), seemed to be excited by that idea, it was something new, and refreshing, and on top of it all, it had very nice rewards to benefit everyone. But on top of it all, it had some changes for the PvP aspect of the event, making everyone debate about what it could all turn out like.

SLO was going to play alongside GJs, the ones that invaded their Kingdom and disrupted the harmony. But peace had been established on K70's lands once more, though temporary, for the greater good, just to make this KvK a win and benefit from the rewards it gives. SLO has been playing together for quite a long time now, being almost a 4-year-old alliance itself, so they knew what and how things had to be done individually for everyone's benefit. Divided into separate teams, gathering, PvP, traps, and castle holding, they were ready to take on the challenge that is K42.

K42 is a quite strong Kingdom, with POF as a leading alliance, they have a lot of bow players, and traps, and also possess players using only one troop type but with experience. The match-up seemed to be quite a close one on paper, but who had the bigger chance to win? Simple, the ones that had more troops, and more T5.

The main leaders in SLO for this fight were HeliumSloth and Ashun, they were getting ready not only for a good fight, but they also wanted the tree-friends to have fun and thus organized fights in a way where everyone could do what they liked most, the ''Yolo Solos''.

POF has a multitude of amazing leaders for the event, with some even having joined specifically for it from stronger and bigger alliances. One of these leaders is Stiele, who is probably going to be the most essential leader of the whole fight, alongside Altera GR, together they were ready to become an unbeatable duo. Making the SLO tree-people want to think twice before challenging for the win for Ashun had recognized them from participating in the well-known ''Rebel trains'', he then knew they would have a lot to spend for the fight.

As the fighting began, the slotherers were online, prepared to rally and fight, however, Altera GR and Stiele seemed to be offline, making this the perfect opportunity to gain the lead early. As our heroes tried attacking and capturing buildings, an unexpected event happened, someone from POF was trying to stop SLO from gaining points whilst their stronger people were offline. That someone was Spirra, alongside his friend Тагонай, they were trying to attack and stop SLO from taking King's Landing, by scouting and sending attacks that were countering the troops inside before anyone could reinforce.

The game of ''cat and mouse'' on the castle, as no one was rallying the other, out of the idea that they would teleport back to their home Kingdom, and avoid being attacked and losing troops too early into the fight, continued for about 1 hour, with zero progress on either side, other than some smaller attacks on weaker targets that showed up.

The morning arrived and more lazy sloths started to appear, the same for POF members, who in the meantime managed to take all of the castles and were holding them. Ashun having taken note of that, alarmed everyone to come to aid him in recuperating everything they could. And thus the try of a comeback started, the alerted tree-fellas were on their way.

Before anyone arrived, however, Ashun took matters into his own hands as well as he could and proceeded to yolo solo as they like to call it.

These attacks have taken POF by surprise and they decided to disband some of the castles to not risk being soloed out. Whilst they were doing that, HeliumSloth and the rest arrived, prepared to kick everyone out, including Altera GR from King's Landing, although they were skeptical of that, given how active and proficient their teamwork was, they were showing a lot of knowledge and precision in their play.

One by one, HeliumSloth's rallies were going to the castles, which were either tanked or disbanded by POF, to the disappointment of everyone that came to get some action. It was time to rally their strongest castles from K42, especially cause Stiele was focused on K70. This meant rallying Ioann and Altera GR took priority right now. Both of them are bow accounts, can HeliumSloth do it?

The first rally was going to be against Ioann in Eyrie, he was online, waiting for us to strike. Confident in his defense, he was ready to tank the hit. SLO on the other hand was excited to finally be able to do anything fun, those were the only thoughts in their head as they started marching...

The rally was a huge success! This gave everyone a big morale boost, as they were looking towards King's Landing since Altera GR seemed to be offline, with this being a big chance for all of us to bounce back.

POF saw us teleporting in, and was ready to defend their territory, their homeland, like never before, they were rallying everyone that attempted to attack their King's Landing, but that did not stop the slotherer team, as they started marching towards it at full speed ahead.

The rally was close, maybe closer than anyone expected, but it was immediately reinforced and filled right back up again. This led SLO to not attempt it again, and instead deal with what was headed their way, a team of highly motivated fighters, rallying them one by one.

The first slother to be hit was Legofilius, a very strong rally leader himself, he tanked a hit for the first time and was excited to see how it'd go for him.

Since the first one was a successful defense on SLO's part, Ioann decided not to risk rallying Legofilius again, instead opting for what he thought would go better, the person that lost a lot of T4 that day, Ashun. Would his lack of T4 mean that he will lose against Ioann? this was likely a question that was sitting behind his mind, as he was preparing to tank the hit.

A failed defense that caused him to lose a lot of T3, and thus opted to try and not get rallied again. After being teleported out of there, Ashun went to hold a castle he had previously emptied, but he didn't expect what was waiting for him...

Someone had quickly reinforced Riverrun, thus catching one of Ashun's armies, though with a lot of T3, and annihilated it, leading to him losing his lord and being hunted down by POF.

Countless attempts at attacking and rallying Ashun were made, but sadly no one could help him at that moment, leading to having to jump around for 15 minutes to avoid getting rallied, with no one able to get the Lord back, for the person who took it was a very strong bow account.

Luckily for him, only one attack managed to hit his castle, that being a solo attack from Vilburg, a player that was brave enough to attempt it not knowing if he could win or not.

However, despite some good results and good fun fights, SLO was running low on troops due to the ''yolo soloes'' that everyone was doing to try and test their limit, whilst other rally leaders like, Ashun, had no Lord, and HeliumSloth alongside Legofilius, Araj and others had enough just for one march of T3 at most.

These conditions were sadly leading to a not desirable result for SLO and K70, who saw themselves having to abandon castles and let POF take over, thus facing a loss in the Anniversary KvK and leaving them wondering if they could bounce back next time.