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When a hunter becomes the hunted - the story of Lord Orval

Wars & Stories in Westeros Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 03/19/2023 06:09

It was not too long ago, when I told you the story about Lord umi fighting for his kingdom. You remember the unbelievable braveness of the warriors and the high losses of the invaders. When you thought the moral of the hunters had been broken, you are wrong. They recovered and kept terrorizing the kingdom. 

So no wonder that the king called the banners again:

Due to several issues the fight had to be postponed several times, but finally the day arrived and every fighter was ready to go to the battlefield. The strategy was clear and everyone waited for the hunters to unbubble.

But the invaders had learned their lessons from the last fight and did not take the bait easily. Finally the Lord of this story entered the stage: 

Trying to get some easy ressources and some merit Lord OrvaL dropped his bubble. That was the moment the warriors have been waiting for. In an instant the Lord was surrounded, unable to move and 2 rallies were set up. 

The fighters have been prepared, all soldiers that have not been able to fight, have been sent away, all resources have been stored safely, but most importantly, the dragons have been already trained for this single fight, supporting the rally leaders with their full power. 

So it was Lord KusHy who first arrived at the battlefield with his gathered troops and landed and doing severe damage:

But what was that? From the former attacks the King new, this hunter uses Infantry, so he called for cavalerie. But Lord Orval has changed his defense:

The King has called all the horses from his alliance, shall he go or better disband? Seeing the damage that the first rally did on the spearmans of Lord OrvaL the King decided to keep going.

You can guess, it was a bloodbath and thousands of troops died and got injured at both sides:

But Lord KusHy was already gathering troops and dragons again for a second hit and only 4 minutes later he arrived again at Lord OrvaL’s castle sending more troops to hospital and the cementry. 

Even the change back to his main formation could not help Lord OrvaL to lose millions of troops. 

Also Lord Finrahil was already gathering his troops again and even more warriors joined and sent their dragon. This was the moment when Lord Orval had to make a decision: Losing everything or give up on terrorizing this kingdom? 

Well, there are moments when you better retreat, than risk even more. And so our Lord decided to leave the kingdom. Kudos to Lord OrvaL for tanking three rallies!

You can imagine the party. The king invited everyone to KL, giving food, drinks and presents to all the brave warriors. The party was going on until the early morning and at sunrise everyone rode home!!

I hope you enjoyed my chronicles, and if so, I ask you to give me a like, because nothing is more important for a chronicler than recognition!!!


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