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CAN'T GET ON THE GAME... stuck 71%

Article Publish : 01/28/2023 19:20

Game keeps getting stuck on 71% already cleared cache, reinstalled game, flushed dns, and everything network related, also created an exception on my firewall (never needed one but just in case). My internet is working just fine.

Weird thing is created another account few months ago and i can log to that one just fine, the problem comes when i attempt to login to my main acc. We are just a few on the current server (thankfully guilds are crosserver), so perhaps is a problem with the server and since there are just a few persons maybe they don't care or know about forum therefore not going to complain.

I've been trying to login to the game for several hours, and without success

Mind checking or telling me what to do. Already going to miss all the rewards from today and won't be able to complete the dang tycoon either this is hurting my account since i'm struggling to stay top.

S220.Seryulin Shadøw