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Apex Clash bug

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Article Publish : 01/13/2023 23:01

Hi there,

I noticed that some ranked players cannot (never) be attacked because the game says they are in combat. And it does not matter how often you try and no matter how long you wait (for their match to be over), they are always (chronic) in combat! Which prevents them from being knocked out from the ranking, and therefor give them an advantage over other players who might be able to defeat them.

I noticed it actually a month ago and was hoping to be a one-time glitch. But it happened again this time, this time I noticed it at (at least) 2 players: S38 - Caro (ranked 45) and S683 - Bullamon (ranked 50).

Unfortunately I already used all my attempts today (last day of the current Apex Clash). Therefor I'm not able to make a screenshot of the message that mentions they are in combat. Although such a screenshot could also apply to all who are actually in combat, and will not show that they are continuously in combat.

Have a nice weekend.