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Featured Hero event nerf

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Article Publish : 09/27/2022 15:23

What a marketing!

Making tabs, so looks like you can get more hero/hero shards BUT no or only if you pay much more!

All milestone rewards reduced:

  • 10>5 (200 points)
  • 30>15 (400 points)
  • 50>30 (800 points)
  • 120>80 (1200 points)
  • 180>200 (1800 points)
  • 250>280 (2500 points)
  • ....

1200 points is the threshold, that a ''free player'' can reach with spending a tons of diamonds. After this threshold only topaz help you. 210 shards (now 130) guaranteed, if you lucky, one event, if you not, two event and you got a new hero (not anymore).

Well, it's suck for a topaz player too, but as you see if you spend more you will get more (or you think). (i can't check the last two milestone) So, for now, sum the columns. 640 shards > 610 shards, not that much, but it's less.

in summary: We were given a few options, but we have to pay more to get something (something less). ''Free'' players chance killed.

ps: a few months ago the number of tickets was reduced, which we received for daily login

(angel's fortune, angel's tower too got a nerf in last half year)