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Server Merge [2023/01/10]

Article Publish : 01/09/2023 16:57

Dear Guardians,

For better interaction and gaming experience, the LoD team has decided to perform another Server Merge for some inactive servers. Therefore, there will be a Closed Server Maintenance for those servers; rest of the servers will NOT be affected.

The servers that will be merged on January 10th, 2023:


If you have characters on one or more of the servers being merged, please consult our Server Merge FAQ (link: as soon as possible to make the overall merge experience as smooth as possible. Thank you and sorry for any inconveniences.

Server Merge Compensations:

All characters on the new server will receive:

1. A server merge compensation pack every day for 7 days (Delivered at 0:00 Server Time) 150*Diamonds + 10*Advanced + 10*Pet Vouchers + 100*Raging Souls

2. Rewards will be doubled for Arena Ranking, Plunder, and World Boss for 3 days.

3. After the server merge, servers that opened late will get compensation based on the number of days delayed. Compensation will equal number of days delayed multiplied by the daily compensation (Delivered at the same Server Time; It will be sent to HKT servers right after the maintenance, while it will be delayed for 13h and 7h respectively for EST and EU servers. (Each day of delay will compensate 1M Gold, 500*Diamonds, 50*Aug. Stones, 200*Ref. Stones)