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[Dev's Talk] CBT Fun Facts! Check them out >>>

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Article Publish : 01/06/2023 20:02
Edited by jumpscared at 01/06/2023 20:16

Dear Seekers,

Thank you all for your participation in our New Year event! The winner list will come out next week ;)

🥰And it's time to give our first Closed Beta a decent wrap-up! Here are a few fun facts for you...

😏What are the achievements you guys have made during this test?

👇Check them out!

- All Seekers have conducted almost 280K Spirit Meetings in total. Who's your favorite?

- The richest Seeker has spent over 230K Jadeites in total. What an achievement!

- Over 3,000 Seekers have entered the world of Eastern Odyssey.

- At Christmas, the number of Seekers online peaked at over 200! Thank you all for stopping by!

New CBT is coming soon, please stay tuned on our socials for the latest news!



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