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Kingdom vs Kingdom - First KvK for K369 ,they face K370!

Wars & Stories in Westeros
Article Publish : 12/07/2022 06:37

Hello guys and girls and welcome to another story!

This time we'll be talking about K369 versus K370 Kingdom versus Kingdom matchup!

Lets see who we have there.

On other side for K369 we have main alliance OVR:

While on other side 2nd alliance is GTy:

Biggest account for GTy is GUMMY,with over 500m at start of Kingdom versus Kingdom!

While OVR has their main banner,ilikeapples standing just over 300m power:

Who will be able to do more for thier kingdom,activity is also factor in this kind of events,will their alliances support them enough?

Lets find out in todays story!

At start GUMMY is aggresive and he ports to K369 to hit targets!

ilkeapples works with notHadzy and garrisons him versus GUMMY solo lets see how did that go !

GUMMY ports in and he's hitting other people,we tried to scout him and he actualy wasn't using anti scout,lets see what reports tell us !

over 500m player but with huge amount of bows! At this level we stand no chance of rallying him. Lets see if he falls for our trap!

As you can see GUMMY attacks and losses lots of T4s,but he has over 8m,he's not going to miss them! Later on shows he's true newbie by soloing apple,while I went to K370 to kill some of his teammates he decided it's good decision to go and solo our biggest player,you can check below how did it go for him !

After GUMMY lost his lord he went to hide for a while,Apples joined me on K370 to finish off unbubbled players!

But 2nd most powerful account on K370 showed up and tried to solo me,he also got apples attention!

Check out how did it go!

As you can see 2nd most powerful player of GTy was zeroed and they were left only with GUMMY! We thought they won't do much and went to sleep!

After we came back they pulled out so many points,other alliance on K369 called YKC barely did anything and our opponent was in lead!

Most of castles were filled,sadly apples was busy so I took it in my own hands to try and retake castle!

I did solo on one castle I found:

Didn't go as planned! Player inside was weaker then me but they had almost x4 troops and that makes big diffrence!

I decided to lay low until apples was ready to fight,but another GTy player found me and tried to solo me.

Didn't go really well for him!

Since he lost almost all his troops and his lord,poor display of knowladge soloing player before scouting!

Finally after few hours of wait apples was back online,GUMMY was holding Kings Landing and we wanted to retake it!

We rallied and smashed into their defences ,check out below how did it go:

Before showing final result,as per tradition now!

I would like to have some report analysis,this time I'll be doing rally of apples versus GUMMY,check it out down below:

After this rally we figured out it's impossible for us to catch up on points!

KvK ended and K370 won!

Congrats to them and we have some things to repair on K369!

Thanks for following the story and I hope you liked it,till next time!