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Lord Of War k319

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Article Publish : 12/04/2022 08:13

Here the weather was changing, the sun was actually hiding most of these days. It felt like the clouds kicked her out and brought the rain and the cold. For lovers of the series like me, we know what is happening. Sometimes it gets painful, it can be dangerous to face the dangers outside, of a harsh winter. But one thing is certain, eventually the winter is coming and you can run but you can’t hide.

The story of today happened in k319 and we were playing the last phase of Lord of lords. I was well positioned in the global rank, dreaming already with some Sabrina medals, hided, waiting for a prey to come out and give my best to make a good hunt. Eventually my wish became true and the irony of the world gave me the opportunity to hunt one player sitting in this server without his alliance, probably thinking that the summer here is longer, and he can just enjoy a nice vacation on a safe land. But:

you saw it correct, with a small group of teammates we successfully landed 2 rallies, it was really unbalanced in numbers but the result was decent, even considering that we got countered in one of the rallies.

For someone wanting to have a nice and calm vacation, losing 150m power in 10 minutes is probably a rather unexpected event that could happen on a beach vacation.

It was nice of him to let some of the rarely used commanders like Russell also fight some battles, maybe next time he should send Soren and Sabrina as well. Even though he had many defenders, the superior commander synergy and combat stats helped to win the battle against a target with way more soldiers.

For the second rally, he actually countered the formation with his commanders and troop order but after the first devastating hit, he could not withstand the second rally that also brought more dragons to the (hunting-)party.

It wasn’t much but we were ready to return home, more happy than before. A hunt is always great even if you only hunt a little sheep but it’s better than nothing. But then, we noticed a curious creature walking around trying to make the points and grab the rewards of the event and the hunt was back on.

It was definitely one day to let all the rare commanders come out, in addition to Dekmar commanders, Jordi decided to bring robert to join the group. Sadly nobody from his alliance wanted to join him and he ended up almost loosing his lord.

And again we took our bags and returned home. It is never easy to go out alone, especially when the winter is coming, but also never forget, sometimes you are the hunter and other times you are the prey. So prepare yourself as best as possible and keep your friends close.