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[GT Points] Dev's Talk | Mini Game VOL. 2: Strategies galore!

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Article Publish : 12/01/2022 20:02

In addition to the test of ice and fire, in Eastern Odyssey, you also need to use your quick reaction to avoid the influence of Miasma crystals.

After all, you still have a long way to go for heading westwards. You can't be demonized by Miasma HERE!

The taste of failure won't last long... Run for all the treasures, Seekers!

See, sometimes when you make up your mind to embark on a journey, there is no turning back.

Strategies galore here. Wise up and choose your path!

Bonus Question:

For mini games, do you have more suggestions for its degisn (background scene, characters, storyline, color scheme, difficulty, more modes such as PVP...)?

🎁 Share your in the comments, and we will choose 3 lucky Seekers to gift 200 GT points!

■ Time: Dec 1 - Dec 8, 2022 (UTC +8)

■ Results: Dec 15, 2022

👑 Here's our winner list from last event (Bear Demon & Little Bear), congrats:

darioman, hiuser01, thorgall