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My impressions about the Game.

Article Publish : 09/11/2021 12:33

I have been playing this game for 3 years, and throughout this time, I have been appreciating the "self-destruction" of it.

I have seen on Discord how people request new levels of Augments of Heroes, Companions and etc. and they do not realize that later these increases are unattainable because there is no where to obtain the required items. For example, the Empowerment of the Main Character, went from requiring Holy Cristal to need Artifact Holy Feather in "absurdly high amounts" and that is only obtained in very particular events or in Apex Store in ridiculous amounts. A new feature is added, Tempering Equipment and the necessary items are only obtained every 2 to 3 weeks (so far in Tycoon) and in quantities, which, to increase the 24 equipment could take a year.

The rewards in the game are really depressing, they raise the Difficulty in PVE events due to supposedly high BR levels, but, per example, still give Shards of Mythical Heroes, Companions, Charm, and Meteor Shard II as rewards (when the last Weapons require Meteor VI).

At the Anniversary Event, where they supposedly "throw the house out the window", 5 Shards from a Valorium Hero cost 500Tpz. Many people will have fallen with this "Super Offer"; Well, in Featured Hero you can buy for the same amount of Topaz 10 Shards, what is achieved with this misleading offer?

The "Icing on the Cake" is the Increased Restrictions for Tycoon

This time, items from Nethers Illusion are also excluded for Tycoon points. Actually when one thinks that the level of Greed and Meanness has reached the maximum point, a higher point is always reached. In the previous Tycoon, the rules themselves were skipped "a la Torera" after the event started, adding the Soul Armor Revival restriction (which was not specified at the beginning of the event, as I demonstrated in my formal complaint to Support, although I didn't benefit from it) and now the restriction is included, (this time from the beginning), of the points from Nethers Illusion.

I have a proposal for the Devs, instead of that increasingly long list of Restrictions, simply put the Legend that says that points will only be obtained if you "RECHARGE MORE THAN 5000 Topaz" and in this way we will know what to expect.

What is achieved with the above is that the number of people who leave the Game is increasing, (In my Time zone of Servers, most of the servers do not exceed 4 or 56 active players), and those who enter "new" do not last long time playing it, because it is a game in which if you do not RECHARGE, you will never go from being a "mediocre player", competing against "Whales" with stratospheric BR's obtained by spending Large Amounts.