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How To Buy Seondeok & Trajan

Article Publish : 08/08/2022 16:18
Edited by heimyy at 08/08/2022 16:21

Hello everyone

If you don’t want the “cheats/calc.” Skip the text and go to the photo.

I was sad that I couldn’t se the prices of chest was before buying. So I will post them here.

Later when I reach 100 chests of each I will make a post of the rates/chances to obtain them. Right now I am at 87, so approx in 13 days if I don’t decide to whale hard.

The numbers:

Footnote: Content creator said approx 7 pr. chest when he went for Seondeok.

Fragments count:

1. Summon 60

2. Max 840

3. Artifact 120

4. Total 1020

Amount of chest needed:

A. Unlucky, 1020/5=204 needed to finish

B. Medium luck, 1020/7=146 needed to finish

C. Impossible luck, 1020/10=102 needed to finish

Based of chest prices it’s

1th chest 2,1 dollars, I will use 2

2nd chest 3,2 dollars, I will use 3

3rd chest 5,5 dollars, I will use 5

Cost to finish 1 immortal:

Buying only 1th chest: 292 dollars,

Buying both 1th and 2nd 365 dollars,

Buying all chests 365 dollars,

However it is a tiny bit more expensive to go for all packs. In my county all packs cost 10,8 dollars a day and going for just 1th and 2nd is 10,5 dollars. So I decided when I went for more than 1 pack, I would take all.

Time needed to max based on B. Medium luck:

Buying only 1th chest: 146 days

Buying both 1th and 2nd 73 days

Buying all chests 37 days

Lastly I would advice players to go for these immortals over those you can get in the normal shop. Players tend to buy all the packs there for 6/6,5 dollars where you get 20 shards. If you want that to compare to Seondeok and wanted it cheap you would do the cheapest pack for 2 dollars, times 4 which is 8 dollars. Yes it’s a little more expensive but Ragnar is far stronger in late game than dido, plus dido is farmable through King of the Hill and the card event. Sorry for me switching from fire to compare to water, it was sadly needed because fire doesn’t have a cheap buy immortal…. When will there be IK, maybe never… but I wish.