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Article Publish : 08/04/2022 14:38


Dear Revolutionaries:

In preparation for the upcoming S4 season, the Metal Revolution servers will be down for several hours starting August 4th at 1:00 AM (UTC-5). After the maintenance, players can reinstall the game at the Play Store(otherwise may encounter entering problem) and claim in-game update rewards. Please note that maintenance could extend beyond the allotted time. Thank you for your understanding and support!

【Major Game Update】

1. Season 4 - Mystery Challenger is officially live! Tier rank rewards have been reset.

2. New Mecha: José Santos, a fighter from Brazil who grew up practicing Capoeira, has arrived in the metal arena to avenge his family's death.

3. New Versus Mode: Solo 3V3.

4. New Skins: Dynamic Blue (Kim Woo Ryong), Cyber Assassin (Umi Ito), Feathered Serpent (José Santos), Cutting Edge (José Santos), Forest Groove (José Santos)

5. New Emoji packs: Paulo Silva 01-05

6. The First Recharge bonus counter has been reset and the rewards have been updated.

7. New season’s ranking event begins.

【Battle Adjustment】

[Fix] Correction problem about 3-energy related combos of Trisula which easy to be hit damage

[Fix] Some combos of Ted Graham against Gindy are invalid

[Fix] The quick rise of Inari and Kong is easy to hit by throwing skills

[Fix] Abnormal performance of B-series skills after Paulo Silva's 8B

[Fix] Justitia's 2B has a chance to be hit while holding the shield.

[Optimization] The second A of Miyamoto Ren which hits the opponent can reduce their defense value

[Optimization] Adjustment of the combo timing of Miyamoto Ren's 2B+8B

[Optimization] Attacked animation of Xuan Cuo

[Optimization] Optimized the attack judgment of Chromeleon's first A and JA to make it more in line with the visual judgment range of special effects

[Optimization] Optimized the CB judgment of Gindy to make it more in line with the visual judgment range of special effects. Gindy's 8B can be cancelled by B and can only prevent the front

[Optimization] Jamal Ritter's 8B cannot be interrupted by throwing skills

[Optimization] Added a little judgment distance of Mike Lee's 8B

[Optimization] The judgment of 8A for Xuan Cuo which often be empty in the previous combo


Any accounts detected to be using third party cheats, accelerators or any software that ruins the fairness of the game will be subject to penalties including incurring a negative balance of any illegally obtained currencies, account suspension, or permanent ban. If you notice any suspicious activities, please contact customer service through Settings > Feedback.