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Tell me, what do you like about the game?

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Article Publish : 11/23/2021 06:51

Hello dear lords and ladies! ฅ(≈•́ܫ•̀≈)∫ In this post I would like to know more about you, about the things you like (or don't like) in relation to the game. So let's move on to the important thing!

We work hard on making Infinity Kingdom a fun and enjoyable game for everyone

Like other games, it has many things that can make you love it; The strategy, the action, the strong friendships that you can create with the members of your alliance, the stories, the characters, the events. There will always be something that will catch your attention and make you play.

Let us know

Tell me, what is your favorite part about Infinity Kingdom? Also let me know which part you like the least and how we could improve it or what changes you think would be necessary!

We will be reading, responding and there may even be a surprise for the best comments!

All opinions are important to us, so please do not desecrate or criticize the ideas of others Lords, we are all here to have fun!

With nothing more to add, we await your opinions.

We love you all! ( ^◡^)っ ♡