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Happy Snow Festival!

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Article Publish : 12/20/2021 19:00
Edited by cocolee at 12/17/2021 10:38

The Snow Festival will begin on December 24th, until December 29th (the event will last for the first five days, and the sixth day is the settlement day in which you can continue to claim and exchange rewards). Collect Reindeer Gingerbread and Snow Hat items to exchange for rewards! Now let's take a look at the event rules.

〓Daily Sign-in: obtain rewards by logging into the game each day.

〓Festival Missions: complete Snow Festival missions to obtain Snow Hats and Reindeer Gingerbread. Once your task completion progress reaches certain points, you'll get even more Reindeer Gingerbread. But don't eat them! These items can be exchanged for other rewards, so keep them safe.

〓Dress-up Party: the Snow Festival Box obtained from completing tasks can be used to decorate your Snow Festival! Increase your Dress-up level to unlock great rewards, and unlock extra reward tiers to obtain even more gifts! Rewards include Snow Hats, SP Recovery items, AP Recovery items, Gems, Gold, Speed-up items, the Snow Festival Territory Decoration (3 day) and more holiday gifts!

〓Reward Exchange: exchange Snow Hats (obtainable from Dress-up Party or from a Snow Festival Box) and Reindeer Gingerbread (obtainable from Festival Missions) for your favorite gifts. These can be exchanged for the Snow Festival Territory Decoration, Snow Festival Chat Msg Box, Snow Festival Avatar Frame, Epic Elite Immortal Optional Chest (which contains 60 Atilla the Hun, Saladin, Alexander the Great, or El Cid Fragments), or the Common Dragon Crystal Selection Chest (containing 100 Earth, Lightning, Water or Fire Crystals).

〓Snow Festival Limited-Time Pack: the limited-time Snow Festival pack contains 5 levels. After purchasing the first level, you'll be able to unlock the pack for the next level. This pack contains a great amount of Snow Hats, which can be used to exchange for other goodies such as the Snow Festival decorations.

The Snow Festival will begin on December 24th UTC, and will last until December 29th! Don't miss out, and let's celebrate the holidays together!