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Update 1102

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Article Publish : 11/01/2021 18:13

Dear Warriors, we will release update at 00:30(PST), 3 :30(EST), 08:30(EU), 15:30(HKT) Nov 2nd. The estimated update time is about two hours.

Update Content:

Upcoming patch notes content:

1.[Oracle Set - Eternity Set] is unlocked upon reaching Character Lv.560.

In Sky God's Hunt, bosses above Lv.560 will drop the Eternity Oracle Stone.

2. The 8th Class Change unlocks the [Avatar Equipment - Flame Set] system.

The 8th Class Change unlocks the [Trial Instance - Chaos Purgatory], an instance that produces Flame Set equipment and items.

3. [Battle Dragon Purification] feature released.

Purification does not provide BR, but it can increase the Battle Dragon's limit for Spirit Infusion attributes.

Each Purification randomly increases the limit for 1-4 attributes.

4. [Battle Dragon Spirit Infusion] feature released.

Spirit Infusion increases attributes.

Different attributes uses different materials.

Spirit Infusion Attributes cannot exceed the attribute limit.

Individual Bosses and Bonus Bosses now drops items related to Battle Dragon Purification and Spirit Infusion.

5. It's discount season in the Treasure House of Gods! Inscription Treasure Hunt is now 20% off or 40 gold per draw. Glyph Treasure Hunt is now 20% off or 80 gold per draw (permanent discount).

6. Fixed some item text display errors.

7. Fixed some interface display errors.