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Update - Christmas Festive Month

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Article Publish : 11/29/2023 07:29

V6.71.0 Christmas Festive Month

Update time: 2023-11-29

New Feature:

1.Christmas Festive Month

> Duration: From Dec.1st to Dec.30th

> Feature introduction

  Sign-in Gifts - Sign in for 3 days to claim Celebration Insignia, login for 20 days to obtain Snow Night Elf - Head Sigil (Permanent)

  Celebration Spree - Complete tasks to claim rich rewards

  Celebration Pass - Complete the tasks to level up the pass and obtain rich rewards

  Topaz Gift - Meet recharge requirements to claim rich rewards

  Celebration Shop - Celebration Coins can be used to exchange for materials to enhance Celebration Insignia

  Dominator - Salute players to obtain Celebration Gifts

2.New operation event: Fruit Machine

> During the event, claim free Fruit Coins daily to play the Fruit Machine.

> Each spin allows you to randomly obtain 3 rewards (rewards may be the same)

> The number of rewards increases threefold based on the multiplier in the center of the Fruit Machine.

> 3 identical 7 patterns appear on the Fruit Machine, the jackpot is won. You'll win all the tokens in the jackpot and an extra Limited Reward. Once all Limited Rewards have been claimed, you won't be able to claim this extra reward.

3.New System: Goldlike

> The Godlike system transforms hero stars into Starsouls. After the transformation, heroes undergo a qualitative change, gaining not only Godlike Attributes but also Godlike Aura and Skills

> In battle, heroes can enter the Godlike status based on their Godlike Attributes, significantly reducing the damage they take. Additionally, when a hero is in the Godlike status, the Godlike Aura is activated. After using a Rage Skill, the hero enters the Godlike status, and the next action will unleash a Godlike Skill (unavailable when under control, Godlike status is removed, or Godlike Skill is on cooldown).

> Entering the Godlike status consumes a hero's Soul Sigils, which are obtained by combined Soul Sigil Shards.

New Contents

1.Goldlike Hero: Ignivis and skin

2.Paragon+ Arma: Infernal Blade

3.Paragon Companion: Little Snowman

4.Paragon Mount: Phantom Motorcycle

5.Paragon+ Wings: Plasma Wings - Ascended

6.Paragon Soul Armor: Balanced Heart

7.Transmogrify: Santa Claus

8.New Titles: Christmas Guardian, Snow Messenger, Merry Christmas

9.New Outfit: Snow Night Elf

Game Improvements

1.Improved personal rewards, tier rewards, ranking rewards and shop rewards of Guild Mobilization

2.Improved dragonsoul: Added quick dismantle and improved display of socketing

3.Extended MC Ascend to Godlike

4.Opened winter season x-server hero league

5.Adjusted super login rewards

6.Added more new items to wish shop

7.Added Christmas decorations in main city

8.Improved rewards of Apex Clash and x-server hero league

9.Combined the 100 and 200 rose in Friendship shop to a 300 rose