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Update - Dragonsoul

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Article Publish : 10/13/2023 04:51

V6.69.0 New System: Dragonsoul

Update time: 2023-10-13

New System: Dragonsoul

1.Entrance:Equipment - Dragonsoul

2.Requirements: Reach lv.145, equip Valorium and above equipment

3.Detailed rules:

> Socket Dragon Orbs to obtain a large amount of HD(Holy Destruction) and HE(Holy Exemption) attributes and greatly improve BR

> Obtain the Dragon Orbs contains dragon's power by sealing the Dragon Orbs, then the Dragon Orbs can be socketed.

> Obtain dragon's power by awakening Initial Dragon Orbs, awakening has a certain Rate of success, the more times the awakening is successful, the more dragon's power is obtained, and the quality of the Dragon Orbs is higher, and the awakening Rate is lower; if the awakening fails, the materials of the Soul Infusion will be returned, and the sealed Artifact Dragon Orbs will be returned after the awakening of the Valorium and above Dragon Orbs fails

> Corresponding Stars of Dragon Orbs can only be socketed in the corresponding Stars of Dragon Soul

> Different types of Dragon Orbs can only be socketed in corresponding position: Dragon Orb of Destruction can only be socketed in Sword, Dragon Orb of Exemption can only be socketed in Helmet, Unparalleled Dragon Orb can only be socketed in Belt, any type of Dragon Orb can be socketed in Armor

> Meet the requirement of Dragon Cry to obtain extra Holy attributes

> Soul Infusion can greatly increase the attributes of Dragon Orb

> Dismantle a Dragon Orb to get Dragon EXP Orbs

4.Key resources

> 1-Star Initial Dragon Orb of Destruction, 1-Star Initial Dragon Orb of Exemption, 1-Star Initial Unparalleled Dragon Orb: the Initial materials to awaken Dragon Orb

> 1-Star Dragon EXP Orb:Created as a result of an unsuccessful attempt to awaken the 1-Star Dragon Orb. Can be used to increase the Soul Infusion level of the 1-Star Dragon Orb.

> 1-Star Dragon Mutation Orb:Used to break through the crucial level during the Soul Infusion of a 1-Star Dragon Orb, obtaining a significant increase in BR and holy attributes afterward.

> 1-Star Dragon Orb Awakening Scripture:Exclusive scripture of the 1-Star Dragon Orb. Used to awaken Valorium 1-Star Dragon Orb or above.

New Contents

1.Added Hallows' Eve event

> Duration:from Oct.24 to 30

> Sign-in Gifts: Total sign in for exclusive rewards

> Celebration Pass: Complete the tasks to level up the pass and obtain rich rewards

> Fevered Celebration: Complete the task to claim exclusive items

> Celebration Shop: Celebration coins can be used to exchange for exclusive materials.

Game improvements

1.Improved Guild Mobilization

>Allowed Veterans to refresh the tasks

>Adjusted the difficulty of tasks and points requirements of tier

>Set the time limitation based on the difficulty of tasks

>“Today's Activity“ will count the Activity points obtained before accepting the task

>Optimized the display of event panel and description of tasks

>Extended the participation time to 5 days, adjust the attempts of tasks

2.Added the Halloween decoration to the city and hot events