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Tycoon trcks

Article Publish : 10/13/2021 17:42

Here are some tricks I have learned to get more points in tycoons:

  1. Check which materials give double or triple points and focus on them
  2. Calculate cost/point ratio of various materials - for most it's the same, for rare and sought after ones it might be worse
  3. Save resources such as realm tickets or ancient treasure keys etc for tycoon time for free points. For realms don't forget about stamina needed
  4. Buy extra daily attempts for activities that have featured materials (realms, heavenly treasures, etc). Bought attempts carry over for next day so you can stack up on them
  5. Apex crash league: save tier rewards if tycoon is likely to overlap
  6. Nether wars: save tier and phase rewards if tycoon is likely to overlap. Nether Wars window is active for 2 more days after you can play, so this is extra time to claim in which tycoon might overlap.
  7. Save weekly claims from Nethers Illusion and Heavenly Treasures. Also first clear rewards from activities like Realm or Elite Tree of Origin and Angel Mercenary Crew level up reward.
  8. While Star rewards from Nethers Illusion no longer count, first clear resonance stones still do if they are featured. So choose wisely when you push Nethers Illusion
  9. Stack up on various shop currencies (Tree, Castle Raiders, Ebony etc) in advance to be able to mass buy on tycoon days
  10. Make sure to rank top 10 early on first day for some free diamonds and tycoon materials
  11. Check if you can get extra materials in parallel events (Roulette, 1+1, ark, etc.) if those events started before tycoon try not to buy materials right away, only after tycoon starts
  12. Check before server reset (midnight server timezone) if you aren't sniped in ranking by someone else
  13. Level up mining output as much as possible and make sure as you can that your guild occupies your mining area for most inscription stones
  14. Since materials from chests don't count, if you leveled up weekly quest so that relevant material gives selectable chests, reset it and level it to highest level giving materials directly. Also try not to collect those on the starts of weeks you expect tycoon to happen
  15. Check Gtarcade desktop client points store if you can get some extra points from there too (usually souls of creation, but other materials could also be involved)
  16. Augmenting heroes for angel's mercenary crew increases rewards from quests, so make sure to keep augmenting them for extra bit of materials
  17. Remember that rewards from mails only count on the same day mail is sent. So be present for after boss mails before server reset for next day.