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Article Publish : 09/18/2020 04:14
Edited by loa3team at 09/18/2020 04:36

Can I transfer my character to another server?

No. This is not possible in the game and will not be.


What does "Popularity" mean in the "Friends"?

Popularity is the number of players that follow you.


How do I start/stop auto quest?

On the quest tab in the right side of the screen you will see an auto option. Click on the box next to it to enable or disable the auto quest progress. Also you can Double-Click the ground to stop Tracking.


Why can't I equip my relic for relic skills in Formation?

In the Formation only the skills of Epic Relics and above can be added.


Why can't I use simple battle in Conquest?

The first 9 battles in Conquest can use easy battle, depending on the opponent's battle rating. If the opponent's battle rating is higher than yours, you can not use simple battle. Also, if the opponent's battle rating is lower than yours, but the gap is really small, simple battle won't be available either due to possibility of lower BR defeating the higher BR.

Starting with level 110 you can use the assistant to do your Conquest.


Why can I be defeated by players whose BR are lower than mine?

In this game, BR is not the main indicator of strength. It is very important to choose the right heroes, weapons, relics and improve them so that you get the most necessary characteristics. Then you can defeat the players whose BR is higher than yours.


Why do I lose a battle when I have more heroes alive than my opponent?

The battle lasts 30 turns. If you don't defeat all the heroes that the opponent has within those 30 turns, then it will still count as a defeat.


The GTA APP for this game is not supported by my operating system. Can I get a reward for downloading the client in another way?

No. To receive the reward, you must download the client. You can update your operating system for this purpose, or contact the our support, forum, the group on Facebook or the server in Discord.

I read the entire FAQ, but I did not find the answer to my question. What should I do?

Address your questions on the Forum, our Facebook page or in our Discord Server. We will answer you.


I know some questions and answers that need to be added to this FAQ. Do you need my help?

Oh sure. You can offer additional questions and answers to us. If they are useful and interesting, we will add them.


You made a mistake in this FAQ.

Please let us know. Perhaps there was an update in the game and the information in FAQ needs to be updated.


I see obscene language in the chat and violations of other rules of the game. What can I do?

Please report this to us on the Forum, in Facebook or Discord.


I have a suggestion for the game. How can I send it to the developers?

You can send us your suggestion using the Form.




I always lack Stamina. Where can I get it?

There are several ways to get Stamina in the game.

  •  You receive 1 stamina every 6 minutes. If you have more than 300 stamina, you stop receiving it in this way.
  •  You can buy stamina for diamonds. The purchase limit depends on your VIP level.
  •  You can get stamina for an online gift and in some events.
  •  You can get stamina in "Reward Hall" - "Claim Stamina" at a certain (specified) time for free or spend diamonds to retrieve, if you missed this time.
  • Stamina can also be obtained from guild help.

Where can I spend stamina and what can I get for this?

You can spend stamina in Chapter and Elite Chapter. For this you will receive experience and random materials from those indicated in the Chapter level you have chosen. Realm also requires stamina, which will give you Stellar stone fragments / Small Stellar stones, Blessing stones, Antler stones and Augment stones.


What is the best way to use Stamina?

First, it is desirable to perform daily quests. In most of the daily quests you need to use Chapter. Then choose those levels of the chapters, the rewards for which you are most needed. These can be levels where there are Shards of Heroes of Divine Arma.


How can I get diamonds?

You can get diamonds in:

  • 7-day goal (if your server is less than 7 days old)
  •  First clear floors of Trial/Realm
  •  Chapters Chest
  •  Today's Activity
  •  Guild Treasury
  •  Chests for Guild Contributions
  •  First clear stages of Tree of Origin
  •  Level Up Gift
  •  Final Blow of Guild Boss - World Boss
  •  Getting the highest place in the arena for the first time.
  •  Light a star in Constellation
  •  Online gift
  •  Events

How is it profitable to spend Diamonds?

There are so many options on which you can spend your Diamonds. These are purchases of additional attempts for battles, purchase of materials and stamina, guild contributions, purchase of Recruit and Ritual attempts, etc. Spend your Diamonds for what you need more.


How can I get Gold?

You can get Gold in:

  • Gold Trial
  •  Today's Activity
  •  Events
  •  Mines and Conquest
  •  Gem conversion
  •  Guild Treasury
  •  World Boss


What is gold for?

Gold is needed primarily for crafting and enhance equipment. You can also make guild contributions for gold, but you will bring more benefit to the guild if you make contributions for diamonds or topaz.

Can I change my gaming nickname?

Yes, you can purchase a Rename Card in Shop for 200 Topaz.


Can I change the gender of my character?

Unfortunately there is no such possibility. Be careful what you choose when creating a character.


Which are the main character classes?

In LOA III there are no different classes for your main character. The class and skills of the character depend on which Divine Arma you choose.


How can I increase the level of my main character?

To increase the level of your main character, you need experience. Experience can be obtained through various tasks:

  • Main Quest
  •  Daily Cycle Quests (EXP)
  •  Today's Quests
  • -Chapters.
  •  Trial


Why nicknames of players in Arena are different and have a different color than in PM?

The player's name color depends on the Hero's Augment. Initially, the color is green. To get the color turned blue, you need to reach 1 star. After a few stars, the color will turn purple. To raise the Augment, you need a lot of Stellar Stones.


Where can I get Stellar Stones for Augment?
  • Stellar Stones you can get in:
  • Staressense Realm
  • Arena Shop
  • Elite Chapter
  • Store and VIP Store
  • Pass Shop


Which outfits should I choose for my main character?

The characteristics of all the outfits are summarized. It does not matter which one your character is wearing. Choose the one that you like best.


Which Divine Arma is best used?

The best Divine Arma is the one that has skills that best compliment the Heroes that you use in your Formation

Where do I get equipment from?

In Tree of Origin you can collect shards for weapons and equipment, as well as mandatory resources for enchanting and upgrading your equipment.


I lost my equipment. How can I get a new one?

If you accidentally lose your equipment of any level, you need to get bloodbath equipment. You can get it in the Auto option for Tree of Origin on Stage 1. After that, you can craft your equipment in the usual way.


How can I combine gems?

From the inventory: By combining 3 gems of the same level, type and quality or from the equipment interface by using 2 of the same level as the one you already have. Also note that you need an appropriate number of gem combine scrolls. 


Where can I get the gems for equipment?

Gems can be obtained in:

  • Gem Trial
  •  Guild Shop
  • Events
  •  In the "Guild Boss" event, if your guild kills the Boss quickest


I already collected all the necessary sets of equipment and I still have Shards. Can I sell them?

Do not sell them. You'll need them for Refine.

Where can I obtain hero shards?

Shards are available in Temple Shop, Guild Shop, some Chapter Chest, Elite Chapters, World Boss Shop, Mine Store, Arena Shop, Recruit, Events. You can find out where a specific hero shard is available by hovering over the shards in the inventory and select how to obtain.

Why do I need a Guild?

The Guild will give you many advantages. The main ones are:

  • - Guild Daily Quests.
  • - Guild Boss.
  • - Guild Shop.
  • - Bonuses in the Mine Area.
  • - Communicate with guild members.
  • - Guild Skills
  • - X-Server League

How can I create the Guild?

You can create a Guild after your main character reaches level 31. To do this, you need to click the ''Create'' button in Guild menu, then choose the guild name and select the flag. The cost of creating a Guild is 200 diamonds.

What is the cooldown after leaving a Guild before being able to join another Guild?

If you left the Guild, you can send a request to the new one in 3 hours. If the leader kicked you out of the Guild, you can apply in a new Guild without any cooldown. If an invitation was sent to you, you can join the Guild without a cooldown.

Is it possible to change the name of the Guild?

Yes, the guild leader can change the name for 200 topaz.

How to raise the level of my Guild?

To raise the level of your Guild, its members must make contributions. For this, your guild will gain experience. Each day, every participant can make 1-5 contributions. Try to make more expensive contributions to quickly raise the level of your Guild.


What will the new level of the Guild give us?

New levels open more materials in the Guild Shop, you get more seats in your guild and more positions for veterans and deputies.


Is it possible to change the name of the Guild?

Yes, the guild leader can change the name for 200 topaz.

I haven't hit the Guild Boss yet and I cannot hit him still. Why?

At the start of Guild Boss you need to kill his minions, only one guild member can attack the minions at a time. You should ask your guildies to use "Simple Battle" to help speed the event up and get to the boss quicker. No need to attack the Boss one by one like the minions, so you won't get stuck waiting to attack.

How many mine areas can my Guild occupy at the same time?

Your Guild can occupy any number of areas. The main thing is that in order to occupy a mine area, there needs to be 6 or more members of your guild occupying mines.


How do I see the EXP of other Guilds?
  • Open Ranking
  • Select Guild
  • Sort by lvl
  • Hover your mouse over the name of the guild.

How can I get Wings Adv. Stone?

You can get Wings Adv. Stone in:

  • Arena Rank Reward
  • Arena Shop
  • Today's Activity
  • Store
  • VIP Shop.


How can I get Mounts Adv. Stone?
  • You can get Mounts Adv. Stone in:
  • Daily Cycle Quests (Guild)
  • Guild Boss
  • Guild Shop
  • Store
  • VIP Shop.

Which wings and which mount is best used?

The characteristics of all wings and mounts you open are summarized. You can use the wings and mount you like best.


Can I hide my Mount and Wings?

Yes. Just do not equip them. If they are already equipped and you want to hide them, click "Remove" in the corresponding menu.

How can I get a VIP status?

You can get VIP status by adding money to your account, to do this, click "Recharge". You can also get it by using the Angelic Rose item.


What are the advantages of a VIP?

Every VIP level gives to the player a lot of gifts and the ability to purchase additional attempts in different events. You can find out more about this by clicking: VIP - VIP gifts and VIP rights. You can also use the VIP-store of your VIP-level.

 Can I get a VIP status without Recharge?

Yes, you can get it by using the Angelic Rose item


As I understand it, VIP status gives a lot of bonuses. Does it make sense for me to play this game if I can not do recharge?

Of course! You can play for fun, make new friends, and even become one of the strongest players on your server even without recharging. If you understand all the game nuances, and each day will perform all possible tasks, you will have a chance to be higher in the ranking than VIP players who play less often.