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UPDATE: V6.62.0 Angel's Monthly Card

News & Announcements
Article Publish : 05/24/2023 21:22
Edited by aƧli at 05/24/2023 21:38

Update time: 2023-5-25

New feature

1.Angel's Monthly Card

- Angel's Monthly Card provides exclusive Privileges and insignia

2.New Attributes: Holy Destruction and Holy Exemption

- The damage of Holy Destruction and Holy Exemption are calculated independently

- Holy Exemption is used for withstanding Holy Destruction

- Holy Destruction and Holy Exemption will increase the BR a lot

- The source of the Attributes: Transmogrify, Holy Skin

3.Add the entrance of discord(gta only)

New contents

1.Paragon+ Hero: Zophiel

2.Added Zophiel Skin and Zophiel Holy Skin

3.Ragnarok+ Wings: Nirvana Wings - Ascended

4.Ragnarok Mount: Ark of Stars

5.Transmogrify: Armor of the Future

6.Paragon Soul Amor: Helm of Conquest

7.Ragnarok+ Companion: Little Goblin

8.Valorium Title:Dragon's Roar, Vigorous Dragon

9.Outfit Augment: Martial Romance

10.New insignia: Silver Dragons Knights

Game improvements

1.Reduced the requirement for unlocking Holy Mark(Illuminate lv.1)

2.Artifact+ hero shards can be recycled to Artifact Soul

3.Adjusted super login rewards

4.Time-limited title can be sold to diamonds

5.Ragnarok+ Soul Armor can be re-birthed

6.Adjusted rewards of Warring States and Apex Clash League

7.Adjusted the price and purchase limit of Soul of Artifact in Elite Tree shop

8.Reduced the costs of Reforge when locking Attributes

-From 5 diamonds to 2 diamonds for 1 Attribute; from 15 diamonds to 5 diamonds for 2 Attributes

9.Added quick enhance for hero Spirit