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Once again, Congratulations LOA!

Article Publish : 03/28/2023 06:17
Edited by tre*** at 03/28/2023 12:09

...On losing even more F2Players just because you and the whales are scared to death of us. Several of my F2P buddies have decided to pack up and hit the road leaving this game far behind. Last couple of friends I talked to said one big reason they are leaving is because of the drastic changes in Tycoon and how it's now virtually impossible to even have a chance of collecting Super Rewards without spending $$$, or if the BOGO event is not going at the same time. I did notice that too. But since you're a bit late with these changes because I've already collected more Super Rewards than I needed, this change doesn't phase me too much. But I know many of my friends did find it helpful. And now that that's history, they have no reason to stick around anymore. So yeah, way to alienate the bulk of your players even more I do see a silver lining to these changes though. Now that it's so difficult to get enough Tycoon points to reach Super Rewards, that will make it easier to save up the large amount of diamonds we'd otherwise be blowing in the event. So yeah, I guess a small thanks is due for that much. =)