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3.5-Year Anniversary Emoji Riddle Competition!

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Article Publish : 03/11/2023 21:00
Edited by cocolee at 03/10/2023 18:02

Dear Saints,

Here are two riddles to start you off: 1. ⭐️🏹? and 2. 🐉🤜?

And the answers are... Seiya and Dragon Shiryu! Isn't this fun? Participate in our Emoji Riddle competition now!

⏰Event Period: March 11 - March 16

⭐Event Rules:

1. Come up with a Saint-related riddle using emojis, such as the ⭐️🏹 = Seiya and 🐉🤜 = Dragon Shiryu examples above. You may choose to temporarily withhold the answer for others to guess, but don't forget to provide the answer to your riddle eventually! Do also include your Character ID and Server ID to participate in the event.

2. We will select the 20 most interesting emoji riddles and these players will receive a special gift from us!


Participants who use uncivilized, hostile, or aggressive language will be automatically disqualified. We will announce the result of the competition in the comments section on March 17. Prizes will be sent to the winners' in-game inboxes within 5 working days, so remember to check your inbox. GTarcade reserves the right to final interpretation for this event.

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