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PvP Tournament sponsored by GTARCADE app

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Article Publish : 02/23/2022 01:52
Edited by -phoenix- at 02/25/2022 08:50

Dear Saints,

We are holding an in-game tournament sponsored by the GTARCADE app on Saturday February 26th, if you would like to participate, please engage on this post and comment with screenshots of your GD rank and your spendings info. 

We will select a total of 80 players to participate in this event.

Players will be selected on a first come first serve basis and based on how high is their GD rank in their spendings bracket.

Names of all selected players will be posted here. Selected players are asked to visit our discord until Friday February 25th, to be eligible to participate in the tournament.

If you are selected you will need to be present for signup at 9am America server time ( 3 pm European in-game time ), tournament will start at 11 am America server time ( 5 pm European server time ).

Tournament information:

  • Each tournament bracket consist of 16 players
  • Brackets are decided based on spending as following:

0-100k coupons, 100k-300k, 300k-500k, 500k-1 million, 1 million + (you can check and screenshot your spending from achievements > footprints)

  • Tournament will be BO3
  • All participants will be rewarded 1000 gtarcade points, with first 4 places in each bracket as following:

1st - 60k points

2nd - 40k points

3rd and 4th - 20k points 

Following players are selected to participate in tournament and asked to join us in Saint Seiya Discord until tomorrow Friday 4pm America server time (10 pm E-server time).

PS. please tag moderator or tournament helper in discord so they can verify your presence and assign you appropriate role in discord.