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Aquarius Camus’ birthday!

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Article Publish : 02/07/2023 21:00
Edited by kiki@ssa at 02/08/2023 17:12

♒February 7th is Aquarius Camus’ birthday♒

Happy birthday to Camus and also to those saints who are Aquarius!!!

Thanks to our saints for your continued contribution. We love your fan arts so much!

❤Thank you @eERIecrafts(TW) @PrzmStar(TW) @kithkerulin(IG) @muriel.kawaii(IG) @eufoniadomino(IG)!!

🎁All players will get Camus' birthday gift【Aquarius Camus Shard*10+Divine Cloth Aquarius Camus Shard*5+Advanced Gem*1+Skin Voucher Chest*5+Advanced Flower Box*20】within 2 working days!