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Alliance boss

Article Publish : 02/07/2023 01:18

The new alliance boss mode has limited tries and requires rallies. The boss is also not weak enough to be beatable by only a couple of players. (It's actually a bit more difficult than a regular level 5 camp, requiring proper rally set-up and enough troops to win.) This poses a problem for small/middle-sized alliances and alliance members in different time zones. Active players who are online at a similar time can quickly do all their rallies together in one sitting, but if you miss that window, then it's often difficult to gather enough troops to do more rallies. You incur big losses if there are insufficient troops, so it's not really worth the prizes.

To improve participation for everyone, either change it back to single player boss mode, or add more chances for players to participate. For example, you can limit players 5 chances to START a rally and 5 chances to JOIN a rally. This is just a simple suggestion and obviously there could be better ideas, but the current alliance boss mode does need adjustment.