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Barter Trade - trading system between players

Article Publish : 08/29/2021 02:53


My suggestion is simple; trading items for items.

Items possible to trade - chests (only with items possible to choice), parts of troops skins, badges (all quality), resources (purple+ quality), dragons perks (not used), parts of dragons perks, etc.

Black diamonds coupons, diamonds pack, castle skins (with timer), commanders medals (with tokens) should be not possible to trade.

Trade possible only for 25lv castle, with few limits:

  1. players, who use this same computer, cannot trade;
  2. limit 3 offers per month (for free; any more 10 black diamonds, with no returning if item back without offer!!!) (5, is player have Honor Token);
  3. parts of items (like skins, dragon perks etc) minimum 10 for offer;
  4. items should be in groups:
  • regular: parts of troops skins (A), resources, "normal" badges, gold dragon perks;
  • rare: parts of troops skins (S), event badges, parts of dragons perks (from dragon lottery), red defense dragons perk;
  • unique: parts of troops skins (SS), parts of dragons perks (from Long Night event, and similar), chests with castle skins, red event dragons perks.

I think is a good idea, not only for paying players, but for all of us.