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Merit is a bad mechanic

Article Publish : 09/08/2021 07:18

Merit needs changing or removing. All it currently does is get stronger players to farm weaker players. The stronger player will travel out to newer servers and just sit there hitting weaker/new players to build merit.

All this does is alienate newer players and doesn't make the game enjoyable. Sure you can live in a bubble but with the way truces work, you can't spool them up and if you're late back, you lose everything. Sure you can have a protector but that assumes they're watching during the ten seconds it takes someone to teleport right besides you and hit you.

In fact the whole protector system is rubbish. Just open it up for the whole clan. One clan member should be able to enact a truce for any other clan member.

Merit should be for hitting a similar powered player, not some "pay to win" player teleporting to a new server and hitting all the new players that are 1/10th their size.