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Era of Celestials - 2 Year Anniversary!

Article Publish : 08/27/2020 11:03

Era of Celestials, a fantasy 3D MMOARPG mobile game, is 2 years old! Join the carnival, join the celebration! Old classes, new looks! Get ready to be dazzled! Slumbering Celestial Band, Theme Shops, and Login Gifts—all these events await your participation! Rally up and continue your unfinished journey—our Return Gifts are yours to grab!

Greetings from the Era of Celestials Team:

"We want to thank each and every one of our players over the past two years. Your continued support is our best motivation. May our game bring you even more fun for many moons to come!" 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts

To celebrate the anniversary with our players, we've prepared a smorgasbord of gifts. Actively join the anniversary events and win as many gifts as you can! Don't miss out on this golden opportunity!

Slumbering Celestial Band (August 21 - August 30)

The new event, Slumbering Celestial Band, will be available from August 21. This event consists of 6 parts: Celestial Band Available, Celestial Band Omen, Expedition Trials, Operation Awakening, Cursed Prayer, and Awakening Shop. Join "Celestial Band Available" to collect the new Celestial Bands: Band of Ice and Fire, Thunderstorm Band, Band of Light, and Band of Darkness. During the event, players are appointed either Guardian Envoy or Divine Saint to join in-game events and instances. Earn Envoy Medals or Saint Medals to purchase items in the Awakening Shop. In addition, players can get new costumes, mounts, and titles via Cursed Prayer.

Login Gifts (August 12 - August 31)

Starting from August 12, players can sign in to collect various gifts: Wings, Sacred Blades, and Feathers. Note: Consecutive logins are required. If you miss a day, you won't be able to collect any of the remaining gifts. Visit our Facebook page to make sure you won't miss your grand prize!

Theme Shops (August 12 - September 1)

Log into the game every day to collect Gratitude Reward Vouchers, which can be used to redeem mythic items from the 3 weekly Theme Shops! 

Week 1 Theme: Sprite

Week 2 Theme: Elysian

Week 3 Theme: Mount

Lineage Equipment - Up Your Game in PvP

All-new Lineage Equipment will be released after the 2 Year Anniversary patch!

Reach the required level to unlock your Lineage Clone. 10 pieces of Lineage Equipment of different parts can be equipped on your Lineage Clone, and each equipped Lineage Equipment will have its own Lineage Points. Once the Lineage Points have reached a certain number, PvP attributes and additional skills will be activated. The rarities of your Lineage Equipment determine the special effects of your activated Lineage Skills.

Skills to be activated:

Lineage Power: Your attacks reduce targets' healing effects.

Lineage Spirit: When attacked, the damage you take from each hit will not exceed a certain percentage of your HP, and your ATK Speed will increase.

Lineage Protection: When your HP drops below a certain percentage, all your debuffs will be removed, and you'll gain a shield that increases your DMG Reduction and ATK Speed.

Lineage Equipment can be acquired from the following PvP modes: Arena, Strongest Vanquisher, Showdown, and Sanguine Contest. As this new feature is released during our anniversary celebration, we'll make it super easy for you to get your Lineage Equipment. Once you've activated this feature, you'll receive a full set of epic equipment! Try out the powerful PvP boost from your Lineage Equipment now!


Take a photo next to the birthday cake—Say "Cheese"!

A giant birthday cake has been added to the main city. Log in and take a photo with it! Afterwards, share your photo on Facebook/Instagram with #EOC2YEARS for a chance to get a surprise gift!