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[Discord Giveaway] GoTWiC fan-community Discord--Diamond Cup 2022

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Article Publish : 12/02/2022 20:10
Edited by handoftheking at 12/05/2022 21:14

Greetings Royal Lords and Ladies!

We are holding a Diamond Cup to celebrate the football party with all of you and give away FREE GIFT CODES that everyone can use!

There will be giveaways every match day during the knockout rounds and lucky draws after the quarter-finals. Join GoTWiC Discord, discuss with other players, and get a chance to win up to 15K diamonds and Black Diamond coupons!

Check out the detailed event rules below. Restrictions apply.

GoTWiC fan-community Discord >>

Friendly reminder: Be sure to click the "wolf head" in the #welcome# channel to verify after you join the Discord server for account security.


#diamond-cup-rules#: Please read the rules before participating in the events.

#diamond-cup-giveaway#: Mods will send out gift codes that everyone can use during every match from the knock-out round.

#lucky-draws-giveaway#: Lucky draws will be held after the 1/4 finals. Everyone can react to get a chance to win limited rewards (10K diamonds and more).

#world-cup-2022-meme#: Football, world-cup, and related memes can be shared here.

#world-cup-2022-offtopic#: You can talk about anything related to the world cup 2022 here.

*Final names of each discord channel will be determined by the GoTWiC MODs.

Requirement: All players in GoTWiC Discord can participate.

Events: Giveaways, Lucky Draws, Memes Sharing

1. Gift Code Giveaways

[Event duration]:

03/12/2022----18/12/2022 (During the whole Knockout stage)

During each match (15:00-18:00 GMT, 19:00-22:00 GMT).

[How to participate]:

Check out the #diamond-cup-giveaway# channel.

Our Moderator will send out gift codes once the requirements are met during each match.

[Event rules]:

Gift codes will be sent out according to the match time and the number of goals in a single match.

  • At the start of a single match: a gift code will be released.
  • During a single match: Based on the number of valid goals, a gift code will be released shortly after the goal is reached.

***If there is a penalty shootout, the corresponding number of gift codes will be sent out after the shootout is over. For example, if there are 7 goals in the penalty shootout, the MOD will send out 7 gift codes after the shootout is over.

  • At the end of a single match: a gift code for 500 players will be released. First come, first served.

[Event Rewards]:

  • Start of every match: 1 gift code

Gift code content: 1K Diamond

  • Each Goal scored: 1 gift code

Gift code content:1K Diamond

  • End of every match: 1 gift code for 5,000 players (First come, first served.)

Gift code content: 2K Diamond

Gift code expiry: Each code will be valid until 15:00 GMT the next day.

[Updated on 05/12/2022] The Diamond Cup event on Discord has been available for 2 days, and we are glad to see that many of you have redeemed the codes. Our mods have noticed that some players were unable to claim the “end of the match” code because of time differences. Starting from Dec. 5th, the “end of the match” code will have a limit of 5,000 instead of 500 so that more people can claim the codes. Act fast and don’t miss out!

Hope you enjoy the football party and the Diamond Cup!

[How to claim the Gift Code]

Copy the gift code and paste it to the "Benefits--Redeem code" panel to claim your gifts. Please note that each code can only be used once on each account. Be quick!

2. Lucky Draws

[Event Duration]: 09/12/2022--18/12/2022 (From the quarter-finals to the finale)

[How to participate]:

Check out the #bots-giveaway# channel, and interact with the giveaway bot during the required event period. The bot will randomly choose 10 lucky players from all the entries. Let's see if you are the lucky one!

[How to Claim Rewards]

If you are the lucky winner, please DM the Discord Moderator () within 3 working days to provide your in-game ID, kingdom, and in-game name. The rewards will be sent via in-game mail. and claim the prize.

[Event Rules]: Everyone can only be drawn once.

[Event Rewards]:

  • Rare Reward:

10K Diamonds for 10 participants for EACH match of the quarter-final

That will make 20 lucky winners for two quarter-final matches in a day.

  • Epic Reward:

15K Diamonds x1+ Hall of Minerals (7 Days) x1 for 10 participants for EACH match of Semi-finals and Play off for 3rd Place

  • Legendary Reward:

50 Black Diamonds Coupon x1+Hall of Minerals (14 Days) x1 for 10 participants in the finale

**About the 50 Black Diamond Coupon: It can be used after spending 50 diamonds.

3. Memes Sharing

[Event duration]: 03/12/2022--18/12/2022

[How to participate]:

Check out the ##world-cup-meme-2022# channel.

During the event, share your own created or favorite football-related memes in the channel. Mods will select 5 entries during a special time period (say weekly) and send out rewards. For winners, please DM the DC Moderator() to claim the gift.

Please keep an eye on the server news.

About GoTWiC fan Discord:

The GoTWiC fan Discord is a fan-based Discord Community for the officially licensed browser game, Game of Thrones Winter is Coming. Players can check out the game news and guides, report bugs, make friends and help each other on different channels.

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