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【Server Maintenance】

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Article Publish : 09/27/2022 21:00
Edited by cocolee at 09/27/2022 17:50

Dear Saints,

There will be server maintenance on September 28th, 2022.

⏰Maintenance Time:

Server E: September 28th, 2022. 7:00AM ~ 11:00AM (UTC+1)

Server A: September 28th, 2022. 1:00AM ~ 5:00AM (UTC-5)

Server SEA: September 28th, 2022. 7:00AM ~ 15:00PM (UTC+7)

All servers will be offline during the maintenance period.

Thank you for your patience and support.

🛠The update is as follows:

Theme Summon - Queen Persephone

Time: September 28 08:00 - October 5 05:00

1. During the event, Persephone has double the chance of being summoned. After the event, Persephone will not join the advance summon pool. Requires level 10.

2. Saint Medal Stage 31: Double Advancement Rewards (09.28-10.31)

3. Returning Skins (09.28-10.03); Rebirth Wish - Premium Cosmo (09.28-10.03)

4. Bounty Trial (09.28-10.12); New Monthly Sign-In (10.01-10.31)

5. New Cosmo: Baroque; Season Ranking (09.27-09.30); Fortune Cat (10.03-10.10)

We also have a short Q&A for you.

Q1: Why is the Eurydice description incorrect?

A1: We apologize for this error, the description for Eurydice will be fixed after the Sept 28 update.