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[Version UPDATE] League of Angels Update - September 2022

News & Annoucements
Article Publish : 09/22/2022 08:00
Edited by silvermistr at 02/27/2023 18:38

1. New Angel: Evoka

2. New Angel Awakened: Holy Angel

3. New Hero Awakened: Nether Fightmage

4. New Mount: Flower Rabbit

5. New Mount Evolution: Storm Whale

7. New Outfit: Prophet Clothing

8. New Amulet advanced: St.Soulfused Ring(Charming Fox)

9. New Fairy Awakened: Cat Princess

10. New Homestead: Endless Desert

Volatile Battlefield: Oct.4

Chaotic Expedition: Oct.14 - Oct.31

Added new packs to direct shop

Added L6 Equipment (Provided much more stats than L5)