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Story time: Story of a big fail

Article Publish : 09/11/2022 06:11

Once upon a time there was a peaceful (because protected) kingdom.

Unfortunately, the protectors left the kingdom and barbarians invaded the land. 

The barbarians changed their disguise many times until finally their original face appeared. 

The barbarians plundered at will until only one other alliance remained in the kingdom. This alliance organized itself and actually managed to oppose them. At this, the barbarians wept greatly and sent messengers to their barbarian king, who immediately sent help. 

Unfortunately, the alliance was not strong enough to hold on and entrenched themselves behind their strong castle walls. Most of the time the walls held.

But barbarians would not be barbarians if they did not try everything possible to drive the alliance out of the kingdom.

It is only questionable whether here really every means is right, dear OBV.